Nobunagun Episode 5 Notes

February 2nd, 2014.

Sedates Fights; Crazy Teammates:

So we kicked ass last episode, and made friends with Jack, for whom we totally have the hots, but then, what about Asao-san? Well, preview said we’ll meet more crazies allies potential crushes friends this week! So let’s see the crazy. I mean, this is Nobunagun. It’s all about the crazy.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Ogura Sio:

Nobunagun Episode 5 notes anime Blushing Ogura Sio

1) “She doesn’t know the first thing about sniping, but she has unrivaled battle-sense.” – YEAH! Just like I said. Throw Nobunaga into the midst of it all, and they will come out on top. To live in battle, must be sharp. It’s really hard to make the call though, is Nobunaga unrestrained, animalistic, or is he so in control as to appear inhuman?

The drum last episode hinted at a trance state, of repressing one’s mind, even, but then, wasn’t that what Cappa tried to teach Sio? Except he tried to teach her the opposite thing. Nobunaga repressed everything but the fight so the self could rise up, where Cappa tried to suppress the self, so the fight could be coldly evaluated, and that is not the Nobunaga way.

2) Ok, in case anyone doubted it, she just thought she “has Asao”, so falling for Jack is wrong :P This is irrefutable proof!

2) They’re All Crazies:

Nobunagun Episode 5 notes anime Newton kissing Ogura Sio

1) So this is how Newton greets people O.O Yeah, they’re really going over-the-top with how over-the-top everything in this show is :O

2) Those two doctors, splitting open the corpse and looking at the brain? More Pacific Rim flashbacks.

3) Ogura Sio, looking perfectly respectable, and believeable.

4) Oy, Gandhi, what’s up? She’s a teenage girl. Is everyone around here crazy, and perverted? I guess being told you’re not like the other humans, and losing a bit of your sense of self, as well as being put into situations of life and death constantly is going to be stressful enough to make everyone crack, or lose sense of their morality… Who will save us from the E-Gene holders once the Evolutionary Invasion objects are dealt with?

5) You sure showed her… Yakisoba bread >.> Ah, I see. The newbie has to bring stuff to their elders, so to speak. It’s a way to show her who’s ahead on the totem pole.

3) The Weekly Invasion is Here:

Nobunagun Episode 5 notes anime - Galileo and Yakisoba

1) Those so-called “gunboats” are huge. Just how big is the invasion object itself? Also, here’s an interesting point – The object in the previous episode wanted to make drop inland, but you couldn’t allow it to make its drop in the sea either, but if they kill this one, won’t it make its drop in the sea? The answer might be that it’s too far from shore to matter, but it’s probably mostly me overthinking it ;)

2) But how do these messengers transmit information by being eaten? In the end some large evolutionary object eats the information container? But they said a new one is born with the knowledge. Do they transmit it in their vicinity? Do they take over the host body? Too much isn’t known.

Next episode’s preview seems like it’d be mostly about meeting new people, and a fight to see them in action. Heck, did we even see Sio fighting alongside those people, or will it be just this new platoon fighting? :3

Post Episode Thoughts:

This episode didn’t have enough action or Oda Nobunaga, if you ask me! We didn’t have enough of the big man’s craziness, and we didn’t have enough over the top crazy action, so we got to see how each and every single E-Gene holder on this ship is unhinged… and they’re all perverts.

This episode was alright, but it’s sort of what I expected before watching the show for the first time, it was your usual shounen stuff, no special spice of madness. I need my Nobunaga, laughing like a madman ;_;

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