Nobunagun Episode 4 Notes

January 26th, 2014.

Escalating Madness in the Hurricane’s Heart

Well, last episode hadn’t been terribly exciting, but it was a necessary stop on the “make friends and find a reason to fight” route shounen shows take. Well, Sio had made friends, and then a monster came and ate them. Guess it’s time to go monster-hunting! We’ll also see if the attempts to teach Sio how to control herself, how to try and control Oda Nobunaga will bear any fruit.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Jack the Ripper and Oda Nobunaga; A Love Story:

Nobunagun Episode 4 notes anime Ogura Sio x Jack the Ripper

1) They’re perfectly mirrored in this shot. She’s red with white highlights, he’s the opposite. Adult versus child, male versus female, standing in the light and standing in the dark. Expected to carry their weight to a greenhorn. And it’s a nice shot anyway.

2) It’s interesting, Jack is a lone wolf type, or acts as if he’s one. He tells Sio not to get in his way, but the people in charge have their hopes in Sio, not Jack. Not due to her capabilities or skills, but just because they have no other options.

3) Honestly, with her blushes over Jack, we now gotta wonder. Who would she pick, Jack or Asao? :P

2) We Must Always Escalate – Enemies and Allies Alike:

1) Not just our heroes, but our enemies are over the top as well. This sort of plan, using a hurricane to hide your approach as you ride it is something only the craziest of shounen heroes would try :P

2) There are no free meals in this show. Training? Don’t make me laugh. Yes, “Anyone can hit it, piece of cake!” meant there’d be bound to be complications. I thought it’d be after she hits it, but then that’s a complication for Jack, or in other words not as interesting. Well, it’s up to you Sio, you’ve got to kill it in one shot with your sucky skills! No pressure!

3) Here’s something they’re not saying – it’s better to miss it completely than hit it in the wrong spot, because then it’ll disperse its eggs. Also, the whole deal with Galileo is a tad unclear. It sounded as if it’ll make the bullet hit no matter what, but then what Sio has to do with it? It probably tells her by how much to divert her aim, which is how snipers operate.

4) Remember what I said before about escalation? We must escalate! Sio had a nice idea, by going on the same wind she can disable one of the “Sway factors” as sways in the same way as the Invasion Object (No, it doesn’t work like that in reality, but this is anime, so don’t worry too much about it), but now we see we have two creatures! We have the “Carrier” and we have the “Egg-dropper”, and she only killed one.

Honestly, the whole concept of Invasion Objects is great for the concept of “escalation”, seeing as no matter what you faced before, you’re going to face something new next, in the most unfortunate manner.

3) To be Nobunaga is to Throw Caution to the Wind:

Nobunagun Episode 4 notes anime Ogura Sio crazy Nobunaga

1) “This is something only you can do.” – The shounen words of magic, and the ones who got her to accept this burden in the first place. Good job, soul-sucking, human-manipulating space bunny!

2) “Calm myself? Retreat? Rein in my aggression? Ha! I, Oda Nobunaga, laugh in the face of such advice! Always shall I take the offensive. My enemies will be scattered before me. And if I die? All men must die, so why should I fear death?” Ah, the glory of Nobunaga, this bloodthirsty butcher. Throwing caution to the wind (quite literally here!) is the way to go. To win you must risk, and a life? That’s not much to risk anyway, as it’s a foregone conclusion that one will lose it.

The dancing and drum make sense. They induce a state of trance, of altered consciousness, fitting before one risks their life, before one throws their life away.

3) Yeah… Sio is crazy, and so is Nobunaga. Quite a lovely pair of bloodthirsty maniacs we have on our hands,even if jumping into a hurricane seems a tad excessive. Let us suspend our disbelief, just as Sio suspends her sanity.

4) Propulsion through the guns’ kickback. When we’re as over the top as we can, we still have room to, you guessed it, escalate.

5) “That was fun!” – Yeah, she’s slightly unhinged, our Ogura Sio-chan :>

Shorter Notes / Asides:

Nobunagun Episode 4 notes anime Ogura Sio asleep

  1. So yeah, they summed up last episode in 56 seconds, which is exactly what it truly merited, in the grand scheme of things. We’re here for madness! Give us madness!
  2. Yeah, I noted upon it before, but the design of their suits, and sometimes the visual design of this show leaves a lot to be desired.
  3. The transformation sequence with her holding the ball out and us circling her? I know it’s supposed to remind us of magical girls, but it made me think of Poke’Mon balls :3
  4. I’ve got to wonder, why is this even going to work? Kill it or not, the eggs reach the waters, right? What does it matter if it cast them off or not? Well, let’s operate by the show’s logic :3

Post Episode Notes:

Well, we’re progressing along the Pacific Rim line here – the various Evolutionary Invasion Objects learn from their previous battles, which is a fine excuse to keep escalating and throwing curve balls at our team, seeing as no matter what you do, it’s not going to work twice. And yet, Jack had built on previous knowledge, that is, the kickback from Nobunagun’s discharge of the guns. So they’ve used existing methods to create a new solution, which is a nice touch.

Seems next episode we’re going to meet a bunch more E-Gene holders, let’s see what kooky and half-baked powers they all have, and their crazy outfits, how can we forget? :P

The action this episode had been alright, but once more the true show-stealer had been Oda Nobunaga, and his never-ending ode to chaos and slaughter.

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