Nobunagun Episode 3 Notes

January 19th, 2014.

Training to Kill Yourself.

Well, this episode is the most fun I’ve had watching things and being a mini-maniac in quite a while. Last episode ended on a more somber note, and the preview make it seem this will be our “training” episode, so not much madness is to be expected, right? Well, this is Nobunagun, and I expect some madness yet :)

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Training Isn’t Easy:

Nobunagun episode 3 notes anime

1) Why did I ever worry? This “trial” they are “throwing her into” will show if she is truly ready for combat. Bring on the guns! Bring on the madness! We are ready.

Weird. “This is what we have to expect of her, as a sniper.” – I think you don’t understand, alien rabbit from outer-space. It’s like you hadn’t met Nobunaga, or spoken with him, or saw his recent manifestation via Sio… Sniper? This is a berserker with a gun, rather than a melee weapon, but a berserker who thrives amidst the chaos nevertheless. Hardly a stealthy and patient sniper.

2) Ouch, 4 minutes in, and things aren’t looking promising. So much for our great hope, heh.

3) Well, he did say, when you engage the E-Gene you experience a mental rush. Sio seems to “suffer” from it quite a bit, though she hardly seems to be suffering from it, quite the opposite, which might be an issue for a “sniper”.

4) No comfort here. This is the opposite of what Asao had told her – “You hadn’t done enough, you could have done more. All these people are just here to die for you. You die for humanity? They die for you first. You’re a weapon, they’re not even that much.” – Robert Capo is grinning, he’s pushing her.

2) Controlling Nobunagun, Overcoming the Self:

Nobunagun episode 3 notes anime

1) “The one who designed your AU power is you, you’re in control of all of its parameters, even down to your bullets’ explosive power!” – Interesting. In other words, she wanted an over-the-top gun, she wanted something as big and showy as possible. She wanted to be Rambo, to stand and just shoot endless volleys everywhere, because, as she said earlier, “It’s cooler that way, right?” So now she has to rethink her priorities, she has to take ownership of her decisions, and kill herself – or in other words, it’s time to put her ego to bed, and be in control of her decisions, rather than let her rampaging ego have its way.

2) He’s like a villain. In other words, he’s a classic drill sergeant, basically. He pushes Ogura, because later the whole world will depend on her.

3) This is actually quite ingenious, and in-stride with military training. You know why you shoot at human-shaped targets in military training, even though you need to aim at a regular circle-shaped target in their midst? So you’ll get over the instinctive flinch of not shooting at human-shaped “objects”. You’re being trained to seeing humans as mere object. Why do you wear uniforms in the army? To lower your sense of individuality.

Ogura is tasked to kill herself. How symbolic. She must overcome herself in order to win. She must kill, calmly, whatever she is facing, even if it is herself, especially if it is herself. She must overcome herself to be the greatest Nobunaga she could be.

3) Human Relations Are Why We’re Here:

Nobunagun episode 3 notes anime

1) “How is a modern-day high-school girl supposed to get by with no phone or internet?!” – You may think this is a ridiculous question, but it’s not. It’s something similar to an issue explored within Ender’s Game – if you expect these people to fight for this planet, to fight for its inhabitants, then they need to care for them. That she immediately thought of Asao-san was very fitting, because she is the reason she’s even here, not just that she threw herself into danger, but that she took up this job. To restrict her human connections is to restrict her humanity, and to restrict her investment. A tough pickle.

2) The guards smirking at her argument with Saint-Germain and then yawning in the morning was a cute touch.

3) “I came here prepared to die to save the world, but no phone or e-mail is just insane!” – This brings us back to this message. She will give up her life, but not what she perceives as a core facet of her humanity– said the one who in order to help defend the world becomes a maniacal murderous cackling maniac, of doom.

4) “Look ma! I’m famous!” – it can get to the head of such a young girl quite quickly, and then she’ll have to be humble again in front of her fearsome tutors. The real point here is, she wanted human contact, and now she got too much of it. Ogura Sio is an introvert, someone who’s not used to being around many people, in the end. She wants human contact, but on her terms. All these desires, quite spoiled, aren’t we? :P

5) Well, it was nice knowing you guys, at least you got to stare at Nobunagun’s fake breasts before you’ve gone the way of all flesh! Heh.

4) Power Keeps Us Forever Apart:

Nobunagun episode 3 notes anime

1) In some ways, she truly is like Ender, or other prodigies. Such a spacious mess hall, but she sits there alone. Once more, separated from her fellow humans. And even if she is quite distinct from them, she’s also separated from any would-be peers. A tough social situation for our young woman.

And then she herself thinks of it – being alone alone is not the same thing as being alone together. It can be better, and it can be worse, it all depends on where you are when you think back of your past.

2) What a jerk :P But, even if he doesn’t believe it, in the end it’s true. The limited E-Gene holders are the only one who matter. Sucks to be the mooks in the background, they’re only there in order to die, to drive her into rage and determination.

Shorter Asides:

Nobunagun episode 3 notes anime

  1. “But why Nobunagun and not Nobunaga?” – “Eh? Because it’s cooler that way, isn’t it?” – That’s this show in a nut-shell, everyone. We can call it a wrap and go home. LOL, even Robert Capo is speechless.
  2. The pre-opening monologue feels like an infomercial, but considering Dogoo recently revealed their existence to the world at large, it may have literally been one.
  3. From this romantic shot to… this. Truly the stuff of nightmares.
  4. That chipper chiptune music had me tapping my foot ^_^
  5. Just like before, fight or flight – fear and anger transform the surrounding environment. It’s quite cool, when anime and visual media in particular can shift the colour-scheme to reflect the mood of the scene in such a manner.
  6. An angry young lady. Take that, Saint Germain!
  7. Great face. Yeah, guess we’re gonna be slightly less serious this episode, at least in the opening part, sort of like the first chapter – new territory, need to set the situation up before we can tear it down.
  8. So many great gif moments in this episode. We are all but humble servants to the Commander’s hopes. We live to serve! Sir, yes sir!
  9. The only girl in a military base, surrounded by guys. But guys who have access to cool weapons and equipment! Well, she is also the only E-Gene holder, but yeah, her being the only female is also quite noticeable.
  10. Wait, did the next episode preview had someone dancing to music, DDR style? O.o

Post Episode Notes:

Well, at least we spent only one episode on training, and not surprisingly we’ve had someone Sio cares for being put in way’s harm as her trigger. On the one hand, she’s an offensive type, a berserker, but in her heart, she’s a shield, and seeks to protect people.

Also, it was neat seeing her torn between her need to be around people, and her introversion and how uncomfortable she is being in the center of attention.

Anything having to do with her training or the logic behind it was just something extra thrown in for our sake, soon we’ll be back to the main dish – combat, and Nobunagun. I am ready. I was born ready.

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  1. Like to see the other holders first training pictures

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