Nobunagun Episode 1 Notes

January 6th, 2014.

First Impressions – Pretty, Distinct Popcorn. Hell Yeah!

I heard it’s actually fun, let’s see how it holds up.

First Impressions:

1) From Ancient Soldiers,

Nobunagun anime episode 1

  1. Hm, good soundtrack to kick us off, interesting red bubbles of birth, and good usage of yellow and black for night-time fighting and fire. Good direction, for the opening seconds.
    And then a shift to muteness, to greys instead of harsh blacks, and the red of betrayal. Very good visual design.
  2. And now we have headquarters. No calm days of lying in the sun of a silly school comedy for us!

2) To Modern Flowers – A Study of Visuals:

Nobunagun anime episode 1

  1. And then the very different style post-dream. Heh.
    She painted her room, including the floor, in camouflage colours. Her power level is impressive, and the graphic design continues to be top notch.
  2. More pretty designs of the house. This is almost Shaft, or Watamote. Takahashi Maho, the art director, might be a name to remember.
  3. Hmmm, now the visual design makes me think. Their uniforms are uniforms. School uniforms ARE designed after militaristic fashion, and for them the colour as well. But also, camouflage, the flowers are akin to camouflage here, but also, seems it might be the “other reality” seeping in, on one hand they’re school students, and on the other they are ladies wearing embroidered or drawn kimonos.
  4. Ok, so the other girls are the flowers, while Ogusa is the soldier, the warrior. It’s probably also a comment on what interests them.
  5. Indeed, so very flashy, like a colour-bomb exploded. Interesting cultural difference, statues in the east versus the west.
  6. That’s the nice thing about consistent visual motifs, you can then use themLook at this great shot, her interaction with this girl had flowered her, had turned her into more like the other girls.

3) It is time to awaken from our dream, it is time for madness:

Nobunagun anime episode 1

  1. Holy Shit! We’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, everyone!
  2. From brightest day, to darkest night, yet even this scene shines with its own inner light!
  3. Great explosion sounds, a bit too loud, but explosions done right.

4) Madness? This is NOBUNAGUN!:

Nobunagun anime episode 1

  1. Our protagonist sort of looks like Madoka with the wide face, the eyes of the killer-bunny as Nobunaga saw him reminded me of Kyubei’s, and now he talks of wishes. Coincidence? I think not.
  2. Yeah, badass gun girl. I’d say she has a sniper gun, but this is more on the level of artillery.
  3. Just like I had said yesterday in my write-up for the other Nobunaga show (Nobunaga the Fool episode 1 notes) she had grasped her destiny, her destiny of blood and fire. She will be the catalyst of change, the charnel houses blow, and she will walk in their midst, bringing forth death and destruction. This is Nobunaga.
  4. Yeah, this is her “heroic spirit”, not really looking sane and dignified, are we?

ED – I like softer metal anime music, like Ichirin no Hana from Bleach or the Watamote OP, but I don’t dig “Respect for the Dead Man” that much. But, I guess it fits the show, and it is pretty cool.

The post-ED chiptune music was pretty cute.

Post Episode Notes:

Well, this was unexpected.

This was pretty, and more than just pretty, it had a very distinct and unique visual style, and it actually made use of it to convey a message at least once.

The action was solid, the characters seem interesting, and crazy, and over the top…

Yeah, this is what a popcorn show should be like. Heck yeah.

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4 comments on “Nobunagun Episode 1 Notes

  1. lifesongsoa says:

    The visual directing seemed a bit weird to me. It reminds me of the type of thing Shinbo or Onuma would do, but I didn’t like the way it all happens at the same time.(which isn’t something they do) The effect felt busy to me. It reminded me of Gankutsuou, but didn’t go far enough for me to actually like it. I want to like this show though so maybe I will give the episode another shot once the season dies down a bit.

    • Guy says:

      Considering the similarities between this show and Madoka in several places – the voice actress sounds sort of similar, the concept of wishes, or contract, the eyes of the wish-giver, that the visual style is reminiscent of Shinbo makes me feel this is all very intentional.

      But this is an action show, a popcorn show, considering how much stuff happened during this first episode, that it was as coherent and interesting as it was, was a good thing in my book.

      As is always the case with first episodes, we still need to see where they go with this, but this was a very strong first episode, especially on the visual level. And yes, it was very busy due to all the different styles employed, makes one think of Penguindrum or _monogatari.

      • lifesongsoa says:

        The big difference I see between this and say Penguindrum, Monogatari or even Madoka is that the visuals in this show feel busy versus just having a lot going on. There is a sense where I’m always sure where the director wants my eyes when I watched those anime. In Nobunagun I feel like I’m being asked to take the whole thing in at once as if it were static artwork instead of animation. I would generally call that bad directing, but I find myself wanting to like it anyway.

        • Guy says:

          Here is what I wrote in the weekly round-up:

          [but] I can’t help but think it’s intentional – we have a statue that looks as if it’s been the victim of a paintball war, which the characters comment on how “Flashy” it is. We have Nobunaga laughing maniacally, surrounded by fires, as a harbinger of chaos and destruction, so all that chaos and the clashseem very much intended to me.

          We’ve also had the fact that “school uniforms” are “uniforms”, and are in fact designed after them. We have our girls, our flowers, whose clothes and bodies are constantly overlaid by this “soft” imagery, compared to our MC, who is a serious gun-nut, and who is portrayed as if she’s wearing camouflage. She stands apart from the other girls, a very standard trope. And then she makes a friend, and immediately she is transformed, she is overcome by a flower, she isn’t deflowered, but reflowered, making for a very beautiful shot.

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