Nobunaga the Fool Episode 1 Notes

January 5th, 2014.

First Impressions – Grasping your fate of burning embers and charnel winds:

I only know the premise, and that the people behind this make pretty shows, but this is my #1 most excited for show on Sundays, even beating out Space Dandy. I don’t know what I’ll get, but I’m excited!

First Impressions:

Nobunaga the Fool anime episode 1

  1. Across time and space, those who are about to die in fire hear, and reach out to one another. Hm.
  2. “Nobu” sure comes off as a brash fool. Mitsuhide, his aide, seems like the calm brain, and the one to balance him. I expect slash-fic about 5 minutes after this episode finished airing ;-)
  3. And here we are, on these forsaken planets, with people bearing the names, identities and relations of people from our world’s history, hm. But we’ve got mecha! And lizard-horse thingies (which apparently glide), heh.Oh yeah, the director behind Nobunaga the Fool was also behind Visions of Escaflowne, so I sure hope having sword-bearing mechas will give me the proper fights and eye-candy.
  4. From a girl wearing a country girl’s dress, to being clad in a semi-futuristic armour-dress, how quickly had Jeanne been whisked away. And no, I’m not crazy about this Da Vinci fella.
  5. Just moments ago they had been your allies, and you said they’re your fellow servants of the king, and now you go “Bring them back dead or alive!” O.o What the heck is going on here?!
  6. And now we see a bunch of people, who are probably also great people of the past, whom I am not familiar with, comment on Jeanne’s arrival. An arrival from the heavens, to shake the world with its impact.
  7. Ah, the rising music as Nobunaga makes his declaration, his declaration of war, his declaration of his character – an era is defined by how it wages war, rather than how an era is define the nature of war. And Nobunaga, he’s not only going to be changed, to let himself get carried away by the great winds of the charnel houses, but he’ll be the catalyst, he’ll be the bellows.
  8. That pretty boy. I can hear the slash-ficcers’ key strokes all the way to where I am.
  9. Well, usually you have two ways it could go – somewhere around the middle part, if not 4/5ths in, we realize our hero is the fated one, or at least, everyone realizes, as they “pull the sword out of the stone”, so to speak, the other way is what we have here. The hero awakens, and roars its birth for the whole world to see. Yes, we already have Arthur in this story, but this is basically the same thing, by wielding a prophesied weapon, he’s announcing his true nature for all to bear witness. Watch world, for this grief-stricken man had bowed to change th world, and now he has the method. Bow, or be swept away by his winds of turmoil, by the charnel winds.
  10. As the man said, it had been inevitable. The time of prophecies is upon us.

ED – It’s interesting. I don’t know how I feel about it otherwise. Seems to have a mix of old and new.

Post Episode Notes:

Nobunaga the Fool anime episode 1

Hm, I don’t know what to make of this show yet, definitely feels like a show where watching the first 4-5 episodes in a row would’ve helped make more sense of it.

Some asides – the actors are all fine actors, but the acting feels more than a bit flat right now. The director seems to have brought over both the Tarot cards and fantasy mecha from Escaflowne over. The character designs are so-so, and the execution is good, but not great, in general.

It seems a bit unclear, where they’ll go from here, whether we’ll actually learn more of the connection to our world, or the prophecies. The “Dragons’ Fire” which the West Star mastered is probably the power of interplanar travel, or rocket fuel, and well, we saw “ley lines”, also known as “Dragon lines” in some areas of the world, both in Jeanne’s vision, and fuelling Nobunaga’s armour with power.

The quality of the action, and what the story actually does remain to be seen. This first episode hadn’t been exactly impressive, but let us allow the show some time to stretch its legs and get its bearing, we at least had our protagonist set on the path of conquest, wielding a tool, which promises to allow him be the catalyst of change he desires to be.

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