No Game, No Life Episode 8 Notes

May 28th, 2014.

Humanity in Its Gloriously Terrible and Terribly Glorious Nature

So, last week we’ve learnt that the old king got to play against the opponents, and learn what their game is like, he had provided Sora and Shiro with knowledge, and now it is time to beat up on the Animal Kingdom and win some territory, and waifus for Sora >.>

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Pre-pre-Game Chatter:

No Game, No Life Episode 8 anime notes - Sora and Shiro creep on Izuna Hatsuse

1) “The warbeasts truly can read minds!” – Please, Steph, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out people make an appointment to come to the embassy to speak with the ambassador… don’t be such aSteph!

2) The warbeasts have working elevators, and “display screens” not using magic. It’s modern technology, in other words.

3) Those creeps are going to start a war ;-)

4) That pose is so very JoJo. So, she’s his granddaughter, is he the real power here? Why is such a girl the ambassador? Hm. Well, it’s just humans, and in the end while it helps to be intelligent and knowledgeable, what one truly needs to deal with other races is to be better at games.

2) Pre-Game Chatter:

No Game, No Life Episode 8 anime notes - Sherlock Holmes Shiro

1) See, this is the “pre-game” where much of the game is actually decided. Sora verified that his opponents can’t read his mind, but merely perform “Cold Reading”, as our detective from Baker Street does. Now he can actually play against them with a hope of winning, or go for a game not relying on luck – but as thechallenger, he doesn’t get to pick the game, so this verification was necessary.

I see. I bet the warbeasts don’t initiate fights, they wait for others to challenge them, so they could always pick their game, and thus the memory-wipe as well.

2) Makes sense, when you bet a race, all members of that race get notified. So a race can live without a nation, and we already know the power of the pledges can make one a slave (poor Steph), but giving the king the right to bet your life and body… hm. Did he win against his citizens in a game? Welp, that’s kings for you!

Hm, if you lose, you lose all your rights. Yes, a slave, a serf, not even a peasant. Others can do to you as they wish, including violence. But does that mean that as a non-Exceed, you can also do violence onto others? Hm.

3) The Three Kings of Imanity, against the Warbeasts, for all this had been made possible by the late king. This is his revenge, this is his plan.

3) Getting It On:

No Game, No Life Episode 8 anime notes - Sora, Shiro, and the old king of Imanity

1) Ok, now we need to discuss the nature of the bet, and all the talk of Steph’s panties, right? Here goes:

  1. Warbeast needs to win and wipe out Sora’s memory. Panties versus panties with their normal clause would work. But he turned it down.
  2. Now Sora goes after the warbeasts’ territory, but doesn’t change his bet, meaning that either it’s a loophole in the ten pledges (what is pledged must be of equal value), or that the Warbeastsagree it is of equal value – namely wiping Sora’s memory, meaning that what he accuses them of is true, for his knowledge would have them lose what he’s asking for anyway.
  3. So, they can say he’s making it all up, and that the two things are unequal.
  4. Sora and Shiro then bet everything, to run away now would mean he has less information, and thinks he could lose.

2) Ergo, whether he plays against them or not, at this point, people would take notice, and realize the Warbeasts can lose, and that Sora has information that’d make them unwilling to play. They have to play, to wipe his memories.

3) Interesting, so against one Race Piece, the other side must bet their own? You’d think they’d only need to bet territory and citizenship worth the territory of Elkia plus 3 million people, not everything. But I guess it’s about rights and everything, and not all races have the same numbers.

4) “The last piece we need before the game with the warbeasts” and earlier he said he’s waiting for “Someone with more backbone” while “Let those who whine without willingness to confront us keep doing so.” – So he wants someone who’s willing to fight him. I’m betting on Kurami. Also, note the ED, and the “technological noise”, are they already in a digital game, which they won before it started?

Post Episode Thoughts:

No Game, No Life Episode 8 anime notes - Crying Shiro

First, let’s talk about the ending, Welp!” sure is what we’d like to say, eh? Combined with how he says he wanted people with some backbone to oppose him, it seems like magic is at work, I originally thought it’d be Kurami with her Elven friend. But with the whole “reality overwrite” having a very technological bent to it, I think that this is part of the game, and that part of the game required some memory-wiping as well.

In other words, I suspect Shiro is currently in virtual reality, and that this is already the game. Sora and Shiro count on winning, or they wouldn’t have played.

As for the rest of the episode, it actually reminded me a bit of Log Horizon. The dealings with the Warbeasts, how they forced them, the gambit… they hadn’t been explained too well, I’d say, and it could’ve had a bit more finesse.

Regardless, that’s not the point. The point is that there’s a game afoot.

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