No Game, No Life Episode 7 Notes

March 21st, 2014.

Humanity in Its Gloriously Terrible and Terribly Glorious Nature

So, we’ve defeated the Frugel and received another girl to our Harem. Now it’s time to take on the Beastmen, and especially all the beast-girls, or that’s what Sora’s thinking. Let’s see.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Fun with Fan-service and References:

No Game No Life Episode 7 anime notes - Stephanie Dola is tired of her role

1) Wow, the fanservice. I guess the logic is that if we made it through last episode, they can throw anything at us, cause we’ve already seen it all.

This is basically as close they can take us to hentai without breaking two rules – 1. Have hentai. 2. Actually have the NEET MC get sex, even if they don’t show it to us.

2) “I hate the fact I’m getting used to it.” – Poor Steph. If you get used to it and it’s good, then it’s no longer special. If you get used to it and it’s bad, it means you didn’t manage to escape.

3) Semi-Chibi Steph is cute. And you can’t really make anything healthy or anything much at all from just butter and sugar :S

4) Ikari Sora, cause no self-respecting show (which this show isn’t) can’t avoid referencing NGE.

2) Holding On to Past Lessons:

No Game No Life Episode 7 anime notes - Jibril gets hot and bothered by war

1) Kurami, she is said to be practicing saying she’s sorry, so why is she now once more busy of accusing Sora and Shiro of being in league with other nations? Well, first, she wants to say she’s sorry to Stephanie, not to Sora and Shiro. She had defeated Stephanie, so she has no qualms about being magnanimous to her, but she will not do so to someone who had defeated her.

Furthermore, this is exactly why she’s so quick to judge again. First, she lost, while being aided by Fi (the elf), and that rankles, so she wishes to find a mitigation circumstance, some outside magic she couldn’t account for. Furthermore, she wants to find a reason she’d always been right, she doesn’t want to apologize, and thus her leaping at anything that could serve as evidence for that.

2) Yesss. See, I was right, obviously (:P) – Two episodes ago when we discussed knowledge, and how a game is won even before it starts, I made the obvious point – that’d be boring. Yes, we, the audience, can still be surprised by what the protagonists pull off, but it’s still not nearly as exciting as when we believe the protagonists could lose. I predicted the show will keep throwing Sora into situations he has to fight without the knowledge he seeks. Jibril was an obvious situation, since he fought her to gain said knowledge, but now we have a twist to keep the next game with hidden knowledge as well.

It just won’t be interesting otherwise. That’s basic storytelling.

3) And here we go, the old Flugel monomania, where war got them all hot and bothered :3

3) Humans are Terribly Glorious, and Gloriously Terrible:

No Game No Life Episode 7 anime notes - Sora the understanding

1) “Some people think like me, and usually they’re misunderstood. It’s my duty to understand them.” – Not because they think like him and with his depth of thought, but because he knows what it’s like to be misunderstood, to be thought of as a fool, insane, or callous when you aren’t – like when Steph accused him of being cruel, or when they treated Steph as if she were stupid.

2) “Humanity has endless potential, and that’s why I hate them – because they have this potential and usually don’t just fail to reach it, but seem to not try either.”

3) “That’s a heavy thing he had given us.” – Meaning his faith in them as humans, his faith in their potential. But that’s also what Sora had given Shiro. Having others put their faith in you not being crap is a hard thing. There’s a reason most don’t strive to meet their fullest potential, because it’s hard and painful. Eventrying is.

Also, check Sora’s expression above, where trying to understand the misunderstood is seen as a burden as well. His duty.

Post Episode Thoughts:

No Game No Life Episode 7 anime notes - Ikari Gendo-style Sora - Neon Genesis Evangelion reference

First, I can already hear all the excitement, over people realizing Shiro and Sora aren’t blood-brothers. Well, she’s still 11, and had still been raised alongside Sora :P

In terms of “plot”, not a lot happened this episode – they discovered they lack knowledge, then they found out theydo have knowledge, and that Stephanie’s grandfather’s losses were part of a long-term stratagem, a gamble they’d win all they had lost, and more besides.

But this wasn’t really an episode of that sort, it was mostly another episode to build up humanity, and to build up Stephanie, and her relationship with Sora. I call it “relationship”, but it’s not there yet. They’re showing us her falling for him, which Jibril commented on, but can he handle it? I don’t think so.

Well, now we have knowledge, and soon we’ll have animal girls. I still wish the knowledge would be lacking, so things will still be up for chance – but I suspect most of it won’t be Sora and Shiro finding out how to defeat their enemies, but us, as the audience, seeing their plan, alongside their opponents.

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