No Game, No Life Episode 6 Notes

May 14th, 2014.

Rated H for Humanity (and Hentai)

Time to play against a knowledge-hoarder! Someone who can almost read his mind, with him not having full access to information!

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Information is Presented:

No Game No Life Episode 6 anime notes - Excited Jibril the Frugel

1) Oh, Jibril seems much more serious now than at the end of last episode. Good. No silly voice either.

2) Look at this bibliophile, at this knowledge-junkie. I sympathize. But here is something to consider – The Flugel are like Discworld’s abstinent vampires, who find a new mono-obsession to replace their obsession to blood. The Flugel used to have this level of attraction to taking others’ lives and collecting their severed heads…

3) Also, there is something else that was said as an afterthought – you don’t only need considerable magic power to summon someone from the other world, but to keep them here. Meaning Tet really wants Sora and Shiro here.

4) Rated H :>

5) “There is nothing in this world as great as the unknown, from which all knowledge springs!” – Compare this to Sora’s monologue on knowledge and victory last episode. To Sora the point isn’t to discover new knowledge, as much as it is to make sure he knows all that is relevant. He abhors the unknown, and wants it gone, and this is why he’s in the library. But the Flugel also wants him to the library, for the exact opposite reason – because he’s unknown. Then again, they both share the thirst for knowledge.

6) “Everything I have” – Yes, you’re going to own someone, Sora! More seriously, I suspect there’d be some catch, such as a price on her head, debt, and her family? Hue.

2) Information is Used – Opponents are Defeated:

No Game No Life Episode 6 anime notes - Sora and Shiro Mouth to Mouth

1) Oooh, that’s nice, “If it’s here, it will disappear.” – No Spirit Circuits means no magic. Meaning no Flugel advantage. Of course, the game can still materialize things on its own, I assume? Including spells.

Ah, so no refresh/flight. No easy breaks.

2) Rated TripleH(entai) :>

3) “Steph, this will kill you a bit, but bear with it!” – Because once the game ends, it’s all undone. And poor Jibril? She can’t fly, since her Spirit Circuits had been stripped away. That’s how such shows and “games”, the master plans work – some seemingly irrelevant detail is the fulcrum to solve the riddle, and resolve the situation.

4) Yes, it’s mouth-to-mouth, and the plot called for it, but you all know it’s an excuse to give you a shot of the two siblings soul-kissing :P

5) See, now Jibril says she respects Sora and Shiro, but what she is saying is that Humanity is the weakest race, and they will lose for it – that their weakness isn’t their strength, and her strength isn’t her weakness. She is saying Humanity has no hope. Well, time for Sora to prove her wrong, for the sake of his grand speech. Jibril, who is Gavriel, the angel of flame.

LOL at that preview, “I used to be a gamer like you and then I took an arrow in the knee.”

Post Episode Thoughts:

This episode was fun. Yeah, we didn’t actually need Jibril to spell out how the game was over from the first move. Yes, this is all about knowledge, how Sora’s first move gave him the information he needed to end the game. Though it wasn’t just that – it was Jibril’s arrogance as a Flugel, and lack of respect for the unknown – where she didn’t mind not knowing what Sora removed, if she hadn’t been immediately affected by it (such as when he removed the planet’s crust and mantle).

But still, could’ve been nice if they had thrown more complications in Sora’s way.

t’Was a fun episode. I rate it H for Humanity. And Hentai.

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