No Game, No Life Episode 4 Notes

April 30th, 2014.

“And the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth.”

We’re in the middle of a “chess match”, but it’s a battle of wits. Wits? It’s trying to one-up the other side in terms of showmanship, but even with the queen, Sora is losing to the magic. Let’s see how they pull out of it, and what they plan to do after their inevitable win – which would place them, and not Stephanie, as the rulers of Imanity.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Winning the Game:

No Game No Life Episode 4 anime notes -Smug Sora

1) Smug Sora. Being smug is his whole shtick.

2) “We must win without fighting. We are the weakest, and thus will become strong by being wise. There must be someone out there who knows that strength because they are weaker than anyone else.” – Yes, very good. You can argue that they’re saying you can turn weakness into strength, but it’s still solid. Yourecognize your weakness, and develop different strengths to shore it up. The weakness isn’t itself your strength, but what sets you out on a quest to fix it. Not like another currently-airing series where all weaknesses are immaterial and you don’t have to do anything to overcome them – they either never come into light or the reverse happens “just because”.

3) Stephanie falls for Sora. Now we just need a few more girls for a harem. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t become one :P

4) Serious Sora! Well, this show can’t take seriousness too far, or too long, so have some reaction faces ;-)

5) The rules are arbitrary, and now Sora and Shiro use the rules for their benefit. Yes, makes you wonder why no one did before, but it’s pretty cool. “I’m the ruler, you’re all going to lose this game which means you won’t lie again.” – And if they don’t lose, they’re suspicious anyway. And there’s no penalty for losing, wait, or is there? For each must put an equal thing on the line. Sora and Shiro willagree not to make false reports or spy for other races, I assume ;-)

6) You know how to play Civilization and other such games, you read plenty of books, you play RPGs. You learn how to rule a medieval country :P Well, you only need the big picture, the people living here know how the actual details work. This is basically compressing Maoyu into a single minute.

2) Winning the World:

No Game No Life Episode 4 anime notes - Sora and Shiro make the peldge of the weak.

1) “I [] Humanity.” – CR, you were doing so fine with this series’ typesetting too…

2) Shiro is cute, and as last episode had told us, for this smile, all men will go to war, even against fear of crowds!

3) Strength through weakness! Wisdom, when it is the only path left! Hubris of power leading to its downfall! Yeah. That’s wish-fulfillment, but it also makes for a good narrative, and for a fun story, where one comes back from behind, and knows their worth.

Yup, they sold the Pledge of the Weak well. Well-acted. Good delivery. Also, remember that line above about a harem? Notice how most of the representatives of other gods we see are female. Harem incoming.

4) The hope of humanity, a pair of NEETs, forced to go out and work.

5) Heh. I called it! I called it a few weeks ago! I said Sora’s final goal will be to become God! Someone rightfully asked, “But you have to wager an equal thing, what is equal to being God?” And the answer I gave was the obvious one – “The entire world one is the God of.” Being a God means being a God of the world, the world is equivalent to God.

6) Behold God. Who’s laughing with joy.

Post Episode Thoughts:

No Game No Life Episode 4 anime notes - Laughing Tet

This was a fun episode. “In weakness, we will find strength!” – Charisma! Using the arbitrary game for their benefit! Declaring war on everyone so no one will declare war on them (how very Lelouch)!

This was fun. This is also the real test. The first arc is always where the author has the most energy. Now will begin a new arc. I hope its setup is quick, and that things don’t become a slog. Don’t fall into LNititis, please!

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