No Game, No Life Episode 2 Notes

April 16th, 2014.

 Taking Over the World, One Heart at a Time:

(9 screenshots in this album.)

This episode had a lot of slapstick and gags. Stephanie trying to fight away the evil demon called Love™. One could almost take it as commentary on how love is irrational and arbitrary, and then how masks become one’s true face.Fan-service, a reference to another show… all old hats. Shows us we’re watching an otaku-facing “comedy”.

No Game, No Life episode 2 anime notes - Stephanie Dora can see the ending

Of course she fell for the good for nothing Sora. Also, that he’s good for nothing isn’t debatable, it’s exactly what gives him his “charm”.

I liked the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. I actually thought it’d go as The Princess Bride cup game went, with him somehow cheating and doing something other than the three old options. Yes, it was ridiculous, and yes it was arbitrary, but the “tension” of the bluffs and mind-games, it’s exactly what I’m watching this show for.

I can already read the signs in the sky. Sora is going to go against Tet to give humanity magic. I wondered why it mattered, and they answered – cheating. Sora can tell when someone cheats, but if you can’t prove it, then it’s meaningless.

That’s not the whole thing, so why does magic matter when people can’t use it in combat? Because if you want to accomplish something that can only be done via magic, then you either have to pay another race or risk something by playing against them, while they can be self-sufficient.

Magic. This world is magic, but humanity is without magic, and I think Sora will not let that stick.

No Game, No Life episode 2 anime notes - WRYYYYYYYYY Stephanie Dola

The end of the episode was actually a bit charming. I guess we all drunk a bit of Stephanie’s water and could see Sora becoming a wisecracking but somewhat likeable character.

Full Episode Notes:

Here we go! The bluffing and the mind-games! Of course it’s ridiculous. But she’s a ridiculous character, and this is a ridiculous show, and he knows exactly how she’s thinking. Reminds one of The Princess Bride, so how is he going to cheat to render her every thought useless? He is going to pick a 4th option, rather than paper, rock, or scissors, isn’t he?

Plans within plans, he is making her doubt herself, and defeat herself. No matter what she thinks, she can think he might have thought of that option.

The jerk! And with her naked you’d think he’d ask for something lewd or her soul! But he’s just a small-time teenager who is a lazybone, who loves games. He’ll ask something game-related or to get all the food she can get access to :P

No Game, No Life episode 2 anime notes - Stephanie Dola panty-shot

“What do you wish for? Eternal wishes!” – Silly boy, trying to min-max the system.

The speedline scenes are amusing.

Is this commentary or a joke on how love is an arbitrary thing to begin with? :P

Oh my, Anime, is this what you’re training 11 year old girls to do? :o

“WRYYYYYYYYY!” – Because you can’t be a comedy without referencing other otaku stuff.

So humanity can’t use magic, big deal. Everything is done by games anyway. I guess it means humans have to either pay or win games where they risk stuff to get stuff done by magic, where the other races can supply their own needs, meaning less import is necessary.

I bet there’ll be a way to play a game with Tet to give humanity magic powers.

No Game, No Life episode 2 anime notes - Bloody Stephanie Dola

Ooooh, so other races can use magic to cheat and she supposedly can’t tell, I see. They should hire a magician to tell when someone’s cheating. Yes, someone like Sora can tell if, but not how.

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