Nisekoi Episode 9 Notes

March 8th, 2014.

Bathhouse ~Sparkles~

Who am I kidding? This show isn’t about write-ups, it’s about me having fun watching it and smiling like a goof :)

  1. Too popular for his own good! Well, that’s another harem comedy trope. See also Baka to Test :3
  2. That open-air school, and making curry. Just like that episode of OreGairu. I wonder if it’s really a thing, or just in anime-land.
  3. Just a pretty shot of Chitoge.
  4. “Story of my first love,” what an ingenious development. Tsugumi has it worst, cause she actually knowsthe name of her first love, and he’s right here :o
  5. Silly Raku, gallantry isn’t dead, eh? You know, I’m actually surprised Raku makes such a big deal about people finding out the story of his first love, he’s actually told it to people beforehand, which is why they think he might be the boy they made the confession to in the past, after all.
  6. They even gave the teacher some ~sparkles~, is she going to be a harem-member as well? ;_;
  7. Demonic Claude, or cheap villain Claude? Take your pick. Still, it was obvious Raku and Chitoge will end up together, and thus Claude’s plan will backfire. Well, it could still kill Raku’s social life, but the means are ones liable to get Claude to kill himself :P
  8. And now we see the teacher, naked, with sparkles. I’m betting she becomes a harem member at some point. No doubt about it, unless the previous sparkles were all for the sake of this shot now.
  9. And they think they’re not a real couple, just notice how they can converse using hand-signs! That’s our couple! Well, in a pinch, everyone’s senses are heightened :P

Another truly predictable and enjoyable episode. I mean, wasn’t it obvious the moment Claude pulled his trick what would happen? Yet, was it any less enjoyable for that? This is the quintessential distillation of RomComs. Nothing more, and nothing less. If you enjoy them, you like it, if not, then you won’t.

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