Nisekoi Episode 8 Notes

March 2nd, 2014.

Aboard the S.S. Tsugumi.

Time for more RomCom cuteness!


  1. That Tsugumi head-shake while blushing? Very cute. I might have to switch ships :3
  2. “The clothes make the person,” they are like a catalyst for Tsugumi. In a girl’s clothes, she’s pushed out of her comfort zone, so she acts less assuredly, or as a “shy girl”…
  3. “I wonder what sort of look you’ll have on your face when you first fall in love, but I’ll bet it’ll be quick for you.” Yes show, we get it, she just fell for Raku.
  4. Chitoge, you’re lovely, but we’re all on the Tsugumi ship now, go away ;-)
  5. Heh, Tsugumi describes love, and Chitoge doesn’t understand what that is, had Tsugumi known what it is, then she’d have known Chitoge isn’t really in love with Raku as well ;)
  6. And now she actually repeats it after they know it’s love, so Tsugumi obviously picks up on it, so Chitoge is mortified. Yes, comedy is much about repetition, but this joke’s more or less done with, with all the slips of the tongue and then acting super in love :-/
  7. Chitoge is visting a new world, that of her childhood. She is but a visitor, looking at the strange sights, marveling at the bittersweet scents. So much condensed cute.
  8. BTW, about keys, yes, supposedly the right key will open Raku’s heart-box, but it’s not that simple. I’ve had a diary with a children’s lock and key as a child, and they usually had 2-3 lock and key types, so you could easily meet someone who had the key to your diary :P

Post Episode Thoughts:

Ok, this was adorable. This was fun. I smiled all episode long. Most RomComs who want to end have these sweet moments between the rare plot-advancement moments, this show seems almost entirely composed of those “Awww” and “I’m smiling IRL here!” moments, which is much of why we even watch RomComs, so I’m fine with it. Was fun.

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