Nisekoi Episode 7 Notes

February 22nd, 2014.

A New Contender Appears

Well, a new contender appears. Not only that, we now know Chitoge also had someone make a promise to her ten years ago, and the new contender also made a promise to someone ten years ago, so who promised whom is now a concern!


  1. Plenty of good reaction faces by everyone as Tsugumi just went and hugged Chitoge :)
  2. Tsugumi reminds me of Hayate from Hayate no Gotoku. The voice is somewhat similar as well.
  3. When Tsugumi had thrown his tantrum, that was a very girly voice at the end of it :P Also, why kill Ichijo when he can simply get Chitoge to break up with him? Flawless logic!
  4. Hm, look at what Raku is saying, “A true man won’t protect a woman who does not wish to be protected, who isn’t so fragile as to only sit in the background.” – I dunno about the whole “Real Man™”, because neither option is “manlier” than the other, but how he began his attack on Tsugumi, “So you think you know her? Then be there for her, as support, rather than keeping her locked behind,” that I can get behind.
  5. The truth! Tsugumi is a girl! A girl who takes serious offense at being called “unmanly”. Hm. Well, now Raku had seen her for what she is, so now he will most certainly not be allowed to live. A comedy of errors and mistaken identities, continued!
  6. Wait, so Tsugumi thought they all thought she had been a girl from the get-go? :O Maybe then the claim she’s unmanly offended her because why is she supposed to be manly to begin with? Heh.
  7. Dat Claude, guess he’s not as perceptive as he seems to be :P Or well, the usual reverse trap, how everyone keeps getting confused.
  8. “How dare you say I’m cute!” – Then again, this Raku. He can call girls who don’t want to be called cute cute, but the girls he likes and who would appreciate it, he can’t. Then again, that’s what friends are for, so someone will tell them when they are cute or when their new dress looks horrid on them :P
  9. Dat Chitoge-style “Kick ass first, listen to explanations second” ;_;
  10. Awwwww! Child Chitoge so cute!

Damn, no post-ED “X is like” this episode, and I really liked those bits ;_;

Post Episode Thoughts:

Well, another girl added, one that isn’t only cute, but which Raku had told she is cute. It was a fun episode, exactly what I expect/want this show to be :)

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