Nisekoi Episode 6 Notes

February 16th, 2014.

Mini-notes – God (Mangaka) is Cruel:

Post episode only, until something really calls out to me, it’s a standard RomCom, not a lot to say. And that’s fine.

  1. “If you don’t make your move on him now, next time someone will snatch him from you for real.” – That’s a prophecy by the show, unless Onodera confesses, who knows what new girl(s) will appear? And Raku is already developing feelings for Chitoge, and seems to admit then more than Chitoge does.
  2. Dere Chitoge, so cute, so nice looking. Can’t blame Ichijou of falling for that.
  3. This moment, 16:16 in? It really reminded me of OreGairu. Really strong resemblance. Then again, it might be something normal for RomComs, even though I barely consider OreGairu a RomCom, y’know?
  4. It’s sort of “funny” in the way it is sad – “What are the odds of this happening? Could you be any more cruel, God?” – I mean, the chances are miniscule, yet they keep happening time and time again, in each and every anime. Because it is not God, but the author who will not permit forward movement, of getting us closer to a resolution.
  5. Onodera reminding her her train isn’t to be discounted either, when it comes to “cute”.
  6. So, Chitoge made a promise too, is it a promise that likens her situation to Raku’s, or is this revelation intended to open the door to the fact that it might not be Onodera, but Chitoge, that Ichijou had made the promise with? :3 Yeah, gotta keep things unclear, and throw monkey-wrenches into the chances of any plot-progress. Even the ED has Chitoge and a child Raku together standing in the key-hole :o
  7. And then the post-ED sequence has someone that Chitoge made a promise with, 10 years ago. The plot thickens!

Ok, this was another episode! You know, I really chuckled and then outright laughed early on. Repetition has a lot to do with comedy, and all the times Chitoge had tried to speak with Raku? As it kept going, I was laughing more and more.

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