Nisekoi Episode 5 Notes

February 9th, 2014.

Mini-notes – Muster Up Some Courage!

And the RomCom train should continue. Heard it’s a swimsuit episode. Well, minimal note-taking.

Thoughts and Notes:

  1. So of course, Onodera hears that Raku and Chitoge are just playing, and now Raku hears Onodera’s key truly is about a promise from ten years ago. It’s weird this show is even going on at this stage, I mean, RomComs are usually about each side not knowing how the other side feels, or having plausible deniability since no one said anything flat out.

    But here the characters do know how the other feels, and who they really are, because they heard, even if it wasn’t said to them directly. Which brings us to what is the real issue, in all RomComs: Being too cowardly to do anything. I mean, even before the whole key issue, Onodera likes Raku and Raku liked Onodera, and neither of them had done anything about it. They just want to use the key-promise as an ice-breaker, but even as they know they can’t help but feign ignorance, because they’re still cowards.

  2. Dat mid-card. I mean, it’s a swimsuit episode, and they’re really hammering at us with the tit and butt close-ups. Well, it’s nice, now and then *Whistles innocently.*
  3. Wait, this is a school training meet, Ruri is the only one of them who’s actually a member of the swimming club, shouldn’t she be swimming? O.o
  4. After Kirisaki drowned, and Shu lied (that bastard!), we got a new flute tune. The OST can’t come soon enough.
  5. Silly Claude, Chitoge will never learn to make better chocolate if you keep being so overprotective, this is stunting her growth!
  6. This end-card is telling you “Choose!” but how can one choose? Well, I like Onodera better, but last episode got me to see Chitoge’s charms as well :3

Post Episode Thoughts:

Well, everyone knows, they just need to have the honesty and courage to actually do something, do anything. But that’s RomComs in a nutshell, hoping the other will make the first move, as they hope the same thing.

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