Nisekoi Episode 4 Notes

February 1st, 2014.

The S.S. Chitoge Sets Sail

So, I don’t actually know what will happen this episode, but I suspect Onodera will try to learn the truth behind the “acting”, but it’s happening just as Raku and Chitoge begin to develop feelings for one another. I also keep hearing people (spoilers, literally, these people) mention all these other girls, so maybe we’ll see these other girls.

I was also really proud of myself last week, only noting the bigger points. Let’s try that again this week.

1) Asides:

Nisekoi Episode 4 notes anime Onodera

1) Ah right, that’s the other thing we had last episode, making friends. Good for you, Chitoge.

2) Room? This is as big as the living room in my 3-story home, it’s bigger than their classroom. Guess things are different when you’re yakuza royalty.

3) Speed lines? Yes, speed-lines are appropriate. This is high-octane action as far as RomComs are concerned. The two kids who like one another are going to speak with one another, can you believe it? They see their lives flashing before their eyes! Speed lines! ಠ_ಠ

4) It’s actually interesting. Chitoge wants to sit next to Onodera for the same reason Raku does. Chitoge is trying to win her over. That’s what happens when everyone’s lonely.

2) Main RomCom Thoughts:

Nisekoi Episode 4 notes anime - Chitoge and Ichijou

1) This is just like when the class congratulated the new couple. There’s this immediate instinct to deny, because it’s a weakness, it’s revealing your heart, and you can then be manipulated. Your friends are trying to help you, by commenting on your love, but they only do harm, by making you reject it. Fascinating behaviour.

Our friends? They’re naturally not very impressed by all of this. And so we have Raku’s best friend, and now Onodera’s. Meddling friends to liven up the stale triangle.

2) Yeah, this touches on what I said a couple of weeks ago, no one wants to get hurt or put their heart out there, so everyone waits for the other side to confess while they do nothing. You give hints and expect them to pick up on them, while willfully ignoring their hints in case you might misinterpret something. No one chooses honesty. Even the looking away bit, to us from the side it’s obvious it’s a mark of a crush, but when you fear any rejection, you take it that way.

3) Every RomCom has the two people who love one another and can’t admit it stuck together. Locked in, rain, doesn’t matter. And if it doesn’t work out, someone will make sure it happens. Except, you’ve picked the wrong couple! Or did you? After all, repeated exposure creates fondness.

Well, or cancer.

4) That monologue by Raku when Chitoge glommed onto him was so very sensual. Sensual, focusing on the senses. I could fall for her too, if you keep at this. No, must remain strong! SS Onodera for life!

5) Even with that expression on his face, this is the first time they truly look like a couple. Couples do argue now and then, you know.

3) It’s All About the Supporting Cast:

Nisekoi Episode 4 notes anime - Claude

1) Well, at least his friend knows, and he knows his friend knows, that might clear some of the stress from his back, knowing he’s not alone in this. Then again, Chitoge knows as well :p And none of it matters so long Onodera doesn’t know. But yeah, that’s some friend, kicks you when you’re down because it’s funny!

2) 11:50, after Raku confesses to his friend, the ED shot tune. I must have the full version. Someone please help ;__;

3) The yakuza sequences are the best. Best comedy, best helpers, best slice of life absurdity for just how abnormally normal it is… Yakuza for life.

4) Claude. Claude pls. Do you even hear what you’re saying? “You may be lovers, but isn’t it too soon for such antics?” – Also, just blaming Raku? It takes two to kiss! Also, I hate you Claude, for being a tool at the hands of the writers, denying us the chance of a kiss, or the characters having to decide in the heat of the moment whether they want to kiss or not.

Pls Claude, why? ;_;

The post-ED part is still great. I love to hate you Shu, or perhaps I hate to love you? :3

Post Episode Thoughts:

It’s a RomCom, everything continues according to schedule. Please hold on to your seats and luggage, as the S.S. Onodera is about to disembark.

More seriously, we have them slowly growing to understand one another, the secret is slowly leaking out, Onodera and Raku misunderstandings continue to proliferate as they grow closer. Yup. Don’t really have anything special to add.

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