Nisekoi Episode 3 Notes

January 25th, 2014.

Confessing is Made Harder by Friends

Well, I liked episode 2 a bunch more than episode 3, due to it being just a simple RomCom, which is exactly what I desired. Now that Onodera knows, I suspect this episode will be about school, but let’s see how their unique “home situation” plays into it all.

Going to try super duper hard to take as few notes as possible while watching. Only for deeper points!


1) Confessing and Others:

Nisekoi episode 3 notes anime

1) Welcome to school! It’s actually interesting how RomCom like high school/junior high can be in this regard. You like this girl, she likes you, but the moment people around the two of you say you look cute together and such, you tell them they’re just imagining things, and as such the attention makes a relationship less likely to happen.

And yet, if you like each other, then why should people around you butting in make you call it all off? Doesn’t make sense, right? Well, it’s like some half-stray cats: You walk towards them and they back off, you keep still and they approach you. People sometimes need their own time, and all the “congratulations” can often backfire and cause an already fragile relationship behind which there are two fragile egos break apart. Ah, teenagers.

2) See, this is just as above, and interesting. “Why are you telling just me the truth?”, I didn’t even think of that. Good direction. But then Onodera saying “I could see why Kirisaki fell in love with you” is all but her confessing, so where’s the difference? When we speak, we like to give as little as possible away, to have plausible deniability if we get shot down, but when someone else speaks, we ignore or misinterpret, on purpose, all the hints they give us, because again, we fear being shot down. So we give clues as small as we can, but wish for someone outright confessing to us, and the other side is just the same.

3) Facepalms So he talks to his friend about what made Chisaki lose it, which is related to how she could tell a close friend her secret and thus get a load off her chest, but he’s not talking to his friend about his secret to get a load off his chest, but rather about annoying Chisaki. Meaning right now annoying Chisaki weighs on him more than his fake relationship with her. And so, he’s either utterly scatterbrained, or he already cares for Chisaki, and now we all get to giggle and point like their classmates. Then again, as Onodera pointed out, that is his nature.

2) Dreams and Symbols:

Nisekoi episode 3 notes anime

1) Interesting dream, night instead of day, and the Milky Way in the background. Being in the center of the universe, but being small and tiny, and yet, together. The moon shining its light as if it’s the sun, a bright and stark night, a frozen moment.

2) Raku seeing the key is a big thing, “But didn’t he see the key before?” you ask. No, that was a dream, his wishes for Onodera to be the key-holder. And of course, in case no one said it before – he wears the pendant over his heart, so Onodera has the key to his heart.

Shorter Notes/Asides:

  1. Another great JoJo/sports-show facial expression. They used to have these a lot more often in shows, then moe happened.
  2. Look at this smile. This is a heartbreaking scene, with Chisaki in the role of the first grade student who has no friends, and is trying so hard.
  3. And Onodera hears, after being told. Hm.

Post Episode notes:

First, I quite like the OST here, those small tunes. They even had the endcard tune at a certain point during the episode, and I really like that one.

Well, what is there to say? Raku likes helping those in need, as Onodera had clearly pointed out to us this episode, and Chisaki is in need. Not only that, but he sees his own sad life in her, and seeing as she is hurting, he can’t help but try and, well, help.

They are growing closer to one another, just as Onodera gets a sniff that she actually believes that things aren’t as they seem, and we are actually told that she loves Raku, and for what reasons.

The RomCom train is well on its way, going along the carefully charted path of most RomComs. New territory? Don’t make us laugh, but then again, that’s why we watch RomComs at times to begin with, to get this warm feeling within us.

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