Nisekoi Episode 2 Notes

January 18th, 2014.

RomComs’ Secrets and Fake Couples – The Usual.

Well, it’s a RomCom, with your usual childhood memories and promises, gag humor, people unable to say how they truly feel, and mistaken identities. Oh yes, and it’s by Shaft and carries many Shaft-isms. I plan to not note too many things during the episode, but mostly after, or mostly theme/relationship stuff.

“I hope,” he said, after failing almost every single time he had said that.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) “The Couple”:

Nisekoi episode 2 notes anime

1) You know, if anything I’d have played up the medieval aspect of the whole setup – when your parents are powerful and you’re “nobility”, you don’t get to choose who you want to be with, but have to marry to forge alliances. Well, medieval stories, at least. Raku and Chitoge should consider themselves lucky – it’s only for 3 years, and they don’t have to beget offsprings! Then again, when they break up, things could be worse than ever, but eh, that’s far in the future – heh. I’m sure we’ll have some moments of “break-up” which will be played for laughs in this manner.

2) A date is always somewhat of a stressful situation, especially because you’re expected to talk and be charming. Try it sometime, have someone you find very funny, and force him to tell a joke on the spot, blind. You get stumped. These guys not only are forced to go on a date, but they don’t even want to. Personally? I’d find it liberating in comparison, they don’t actually have to do anything or try to come off as nice/intelligent.

3) Silly Raku, you’re boyfriend and girlfriend, for the next 3 years, and your body-guards pick you up and drop you at school, you may as well break the lie to Onodera right now. Heck, why not actually break the truthto her? Yes, I know, RomComs don’t work like that, but just imagine if they had. That’d truly be refreshing >.>

4) Coming out can be painful, when you’re ashamed of who you are, right? Right? “Ehhhh?!” to quote the HanaKana.


2) The “Secret”:

Nisekoi episode 2 notes anime

1) And of course, Onodera is sure they’re a couple, while the yakuzas and gangsters aren’t, exactly the wrong way for our couple. Us, the watchers? We can already see how they’re growing fond of one another, yes, they are a couple, because the gods of narrative causality demand it. It’s ordained. No, it doesn’t mean they’ll end up together, but they’ll care for one another just enough that Onodera being the girl from the past will hurt.

RomComs are actually pretty predictable. Raku will find out, go with Onodera, Chitoge will say she doesn’t care, then we’ll see her hurt, then we’ll see Raku thinking of Chitoge as he is with Onodera… I’ll love to be surprised, but it’s written in the stars ;)

2) Well, I didn’t expect the locket question to be popped this early, but I did expect the lie from Onodera. A shame, a double-secret-life could’ve been cool – trying to convince the rest of the world he’s with Chitoge while he’s with Onodera :3

3) At least Onodera knows, the more you put off something, the more lies you add up on top of it, it only becomes harder to say the truth – so what of the “Fake relationship”? In 3 years, could they admit it’s fake? No, that’s not the real issue, the real issue is – with how often they say they don’t like one another, how would they admit their feelings when it comes to it? Which is why all the RomComs revolve around “explosive confessions” – where it bursts out through the lies, before they can run away.

Shorter Asides/Visual Notes:

Nisekoi episode 2 notes anime

  1. The bullets and effects of the declaration had been an interesting effect, perhaps even too stylized.
  2. I actually laughed out loud at this sequence, “You messing with me, punk? You call my young lady a gorilla woman?! Surely my ears have deceived me!
  3. The moments with Claude’s glasses and the movement would make for great gifs.
  4. Looking cute here. Reminds me more than a bit of Touwa Erio, the female lead in Shaft’s other RomCom, Denpa Onna. Well, looks only, nothing alike in personality.
  5. The small domestic moments of the yakuza gang are some of the greatest in this show. The ones I find funniest and most entertaining. Just your big family of yakuzas.
  6. Welp, now we see that while Raku thought he got on Chitoge’s bad side, he didn’t know the half of it… Shaft truly do know how to draw scary expressions.
  7. Ah, now we know which store Raku likes going to and buying from, the one Onodera’s family owns.
  8. The post-ED sequences were cute.
  9. That weird half off-key tune playing during the end-card, I must have it! I must!

Post Episode Notes:

This episode had been a marked improvement from last week’s, IMO. Yes, it’s sort of bland, it’s sort of cliched… but this is a RomCom, this is exactly what we signed up for.

The Shaft-isms had been toned down as well, which is nice. The characters are alright, the situation is alright. It’s an alright show!

Also, yes, I hate myself, I wrote so much, and intended to write nothing ;_:

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2 comments on “Nisekoi Episode 2 Notes

  1. reyelle says:

    dunno if you hate the anime or love, all i can say is it’s a sort of cliched because it want you to predict it like RomComs bu it’s not.

    I don’t want to spoil so I’ll say that stick with background story the osananajimi girl and the first thing she says in the first episode. I beleive it’s “zyajyca in love” or something like that, It’s important.

    Also I love the the anime because I love Comedy Harems

    • Guy says:

      If you check the main page and see my editorial overview of the episodes of the week, it’ll help.

      I liked the 2nd episode alright, much more than the first. It’s cliched and there’s nothing special going on here, but that’s not a dig, that’s how most RomComs are, and I enjoy them nevertheless.

      I still think it’s cliched. I’m sorry, everyone has their favourite stories and they try to sell them as “unique”, this one is probably not it, and I’m fine with it. I’m a-okay with cliched RomComs.

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