Nisekoi Episode 19 Notes

May 17th, 2014.

Reaching Across; Making a Connection.

So… last week Chitoge actually got hurt, emotionally, and admitted it to herself. But now she just needs to admit it’s due to love, and Raku needs to admit to himself what he feels about Chitoge not speaking to him… could it happen?Naaah. Unless they decide to give us an anime-original ending, since this is the penultimate episode.

Don’t hold your breath though.

Thoughts and Notes:

Nisekoi Episode 19 notes anime - Ichijo Raku breaking up with Chitoge

1) And there Raku goes, forgetting Chitoge as a new Onodera-toy is dangled in front of his eyes ;-) Honestly, due to all the infighting amongst the girls, I’d have just stepped down from the role of Romeo.

Ok, so he hadn’t forgotten about Chitoge. Even in this moment of intense Onodera-joy, he can’t help but look at Chitoge. This issue weighs on him heavily. Then again, since he’d been a child, he couldn’t leave alone someone he saw as suffering. That’s also how he bonded with Chitoge early on, by helping her overcome her loneliness.

2) Why didn’t Chitoge want to play Juliet alongside Raku? Because she doesn’t want to pretend to be his girlfriend. Wait, that’s an issue, because the whole show’s premise is about them pretending to be a couple. Yes, that’s why she’s ignoring him in class as well. She really doesn’t want to pretend to be his girlfriend. She wants to be his actual girlfriend. Of course, she might not admit that to herself, so what she wants is the pain to stop, the pain that can be brought over only by people whom you care about.

3) That line was so fitting for Romeo and Juliet, if in reverse – “You talk of our families? Of our situation? I don’t care about that at all!” – But rather than being a couple in spite of their families, as that couple, then she will not be with him, though their families demand it.

4) Behold, Dark Raku! The cycle of being mean to one another. That actually is how fights between people work, and especially between couples. One side gets angry, then the other side, instead of backing down, brings up everything that bothers them as well – so there is a balance of dislike, rather than resolving each issue on its own.

Come to think about it, this is actually what RomComs are built around – first one side doesn’t admit their feelings, then the other one doesn’t. “She’s a doofus, of course I don’t like her!” – and then the other side gets hurt, and then they too will not admit their own feelings. This all came about from Raku not telling Chitoge how he really felt, which he just thought to himself, and so the cycle continues.

Here, Raku doesn’t seem like “Dark Raku” to me as much as it’s “Given up hope Raku”.

Shortest Notes:

Nisekoi Episode 19 notes anime - Kirisaki Chitoge breaking up with Raku

1) Walking away! Well, a RomCom must have issues to overcome. Acting close, and now acting apart. Good, good.

2) Still, Onodera about that picture, damn? Yeah, that’s RomComs for you, and well, human relationships; being hung about something small, not being able to forget it, and letting it grow within your mind. Ooooh, so they’re actually resolving it. Yes!

3) Chitoge is a very social person. She loves having friends, and loves that she can be just a normal girl in her class. Here she is, outside of class, looking in, listening to everyone having fun :<

4) Hee hee. Been a while since we’ve seen Claude in a full murderous-intent mode.

5) “I’m done pretending to being chummy with you, pretending to be your girlfriend.” – Time to marry the girl, Raku :P

Post Episode Thoughts:

Nisekoi Episode 19 notes anime - Lonely Kirisaki Chitoge

Yes! This is what I watch RomComs for! For these moments, for the sad moments of realizations, for the relief of making up and being close to someone you like. I really enjoyed this episode – this is what I’m here for! Seems next episode is the play, and it makes sense to finish the season there.

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