Nisekoi Episode 18 Notes

May 10th, 2014.

“Fun” with Fanservice! Progress through its Lack!

Guess we’re going to the beach!

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Fun (with fanservice) at the Beach!:

Nisekoi Episode 18 notes anime - Kirisaki Chitoge in a swimming suit

1) Chitoge sure is excited. Just some boys, girls (mostly girls), and their guardians (also girls). Fanservice ahoy!

2) Tsugumi’s boobs actually went “Dwong!” – Oh my, they’re not even trying to keep it light this episode.

And then the pose Tsugumi adoptsoh my.

And then Marika is fondling Tsugumi’s breasts? They are upping it all the way.

3) “Don’t touch me, you freak!” while holding a knife! :P

4) Raku, alone on the pier, deep in thought. A nice shot, but it doesn’t feel truly meaningful.

2) No Progress Under Guise of Progress :(

Nisekoi Episode 18 notes anime - Onodera Kosaki confesses to Ichijou Raku

1) “Is it alright if I kiss you?” ?! Did she actually say that, or is it only inside her head? Well, even if it’ll get disrupted, as we know it will, saying how you feel is relevant as well! It can change the situation! It’s anaction, alright.

2) Fuck you, show, fuck you. He was asleep? So yes, now Chitoge knows how Onodera feels, but you just robbed me of my action. And then even Chitoge misheard. Completely undoing the moment.

3) You know, not having the moment? That’s sort of fine, that’s the sort of no-progress you’ve always gone for. I guess going for something and then taking it back is what RomComs of this sort are about – but you actually created ill-will in me, Nisekoi. Either go with something, or don’t. Don’t have a moment completelyworthless, with nothing changing, not at all.

4) “Around this guy, her heart begins throbbing, started out of nowhere.” I can swear we’ve had this discussion once already, with Tsugumi. Yup, even Onodera remembers that past discussion.

3) Seems Like Things Aren’t Going Anywhere – But They Are!:

Nisekoi Episode 18 notes anime - Frustrated Ichijou Raku

1) Just your standard Nisekoi reaction faces. Angry tearful Chitoge, move along.

2) That Chitoge eye-tear is basically a pre-made minimalist wallpaper. Finally, someone asks a question, and it actually has an effect! Something happening!

3) Raku, anxious over how Chitoge isn’t talking to him, and earlier on the beach, his heart beating around her. At least he knows what it means, “No, no, Onodera is the one for me! I shouldn’t feel like this around Chitoge.” At least he knows he likes her, even if he has trouble admitting it.

4) That endcard, it sure was, erm, something (NSFW).

Here is the full screenshot album, some didn’t find their ways to the above notes.

Post Episode:

Nisekoi Episode 18 notes anime - Tearful Kirisaki Chitoge

Ok, I actually didn’t like the first half of the episode. We’ve had a pool episode, we’ve had an episode in the bath, and it was all fine. Fanservice is all about how it’s presented, and when it’s there while something is actually happening, it’s one thing. If I wanted still shots of someone’s breasts or crotch I’d go to a -booru or watch something like Queen’s Blade; and they kept upping the dosage, pushing it more and more. It didn’t help that as someone said, most shots this episode had been still, or seemed to be cardboards moving past one another – is this Kill la Kill or something? ;-)

But that was sort of par the course, it’s a beach episode. I really didn’t like how Onodera’s confession was a non-action, if at least Chitoge had heard it there’d be a little something. And then Chitoge and Onodera’s discussion which had been a rehash of the Tsugumi and others’ discussion about love…

The second half, with Chitoge realizing her feelings, her chat with Raku, him losing his calm over her not talking to him… all of that had been good, and we didn’t need the first half to get there. So, first half of the episode? 3/10, second half? 8/10.

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