Nisekoi Episode 17 Notes

May 3rd, 2014.

Mini-Notes/Chitoge-service, Again!

Let’s try again with no notes.

Nisekoi Episode 17 notes anime - Kirisaki Chitoge in a yukata

  1. So much for a fearsome Yazuka clan, they are all too happy manning stalls and making food. Then again, with a master such as his father that can’t say no or be cruel, what can you expect?
  2. Yup, super kind mafia. It’s almost a rage-comic face for tears, lol. Or is it the pedobear tears? I think I saw such an image.
  3. I laughed, when the yakuza said he’s got a hard one for Raku. They’re all friends, and it’s a competition.
  4. Awww, Chitoge with the simple love and surprise at Raku, so cute.
  5. The “soft romantic music”, as Chitoge pulled on Raku’s hand, to go with him. This is the music of love. Chitoge has the most of it, just cause she gets the most Raku-time, and most show-time. Chitoge is definitely the girl Shaft chose.
  6. Charm too stronk! Buy charm, lose Chitoge, grab Onodera! It’s working!
  7. Chitoge considers.
  8. Yukata Chitoge too cute! I can already see a nendoroid version being made, if not a full scale figure.
  9. Does it matter? I’m just being Chitoge here.”
  10. I like that Tsugumi end card. Classy.

Well, this episode was adorable. I always really enjoy the yakuza bits. We even had Raku know what he wants, and then realize he is developing feelings for Chitoge. Tachibana and Tsugumi are far behind, currently. Also, Chitoge had so many opportunities to be cute.

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