Nisekoi Episode 16 Notes

April 26th, 2014.


Nisekoi Episode 16 notes anime -Ichijou Raku

Take your change, and /leave/!

Actual notes stop, going for post episode only.

Image album, 9 amusing images and one fan-servicey endcard.

  1. Ruri didn’t see this coming; Raku going over to Onodera’s without her intervention?! I bet we’re soon going to hear there are others coming as well.
  2. Onodera Believes! Give it your all, Ichijo-kun!
  3. Parents sure can embarrass us.
  4. “Take your change and leave – Possessive Raku.
  5. “Wait, does this mean I’m in the clear to profess my feelings? No, no way it can be that simple… I have to find the right timing and everything.” – This is “romanticism”, this is being in love with the notion of being in love, rather than with a person. An artificial creation and placement of barriers that stop you from ever being rejected, because you never confess.”How beautiful” some might say, but it’s a beautiful dream, and a lie.
  6. “Alone with the girl of my dreams!” – Dreams, and nightmares.
  7. Talk about ridiculous, “Oh wow, this is the room where Onodera changes her clothes!” :<
  8. Raku can spot Onodera in every tiny image, and realizes it’s cause he likes her, but then can’t make the connection when she can spot him in every small image-corner…
  9. 2 seconds without any movement or text, just staring at Onodera, wishing she or Raku would speak and stay together. But no one has any courage.
  10. Onodera wants the Raku!
  11. That endcard is great.

So, a cute opportunity for both of them to be together, but without them realizing the other thinks and feels as they do, and no courage, again.

Failed, took notes, it happens :< But only amusing stuff.

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