Nisekoi Episode 15 Notes

April 19th, 2014.

Marika Goes for What She Wants. Just Kidding!

So, Marika, eh? I didn’t like her fake and grating nice act, felt fake as hell. Good thing she actually dropped it. Turns out she did it because Raku asked her to, ten years ago.

Well, let’s see what the angry and true Marika is like. Maybe I’ll actually like her.


Nisekoi Episode 15 notes anime - Tachibana Marika

1) Marika had changed her full behaviour, shaped her life, for the sake of her promised boy. If this had been a comedy or a thriller instead of a RomCom, she’d be a full-blown yandere.

2) “For me it had meant nothing, but for this girl…” The correct response would be to realize your promise-fixation is a bit arbitrary and silly as well. But being the gentleman that he is, he can sympathize, and that’d make him care, if not for Marie, then for her feelings, which he can understand.

3) Yup, even with all the schooling, there’s this mischievous and somewhat manipulative streak within Marie. You know what though? She’s the single character in this show who admits her feelings, both to herself and to their target. She’s the only one willing to go for what she wants, so of course she seems somewhat aggressive. Makes sense.

4) Sharing information! They all knew one another ten years ago! They all made a promise! They all have keys! BAM BAM BAM! Things are now out in the open! Well, time to see what actually, well, happens with it :3

Nisekoi Episode 15 notes anime - Keys

5) “You did it?!” – “It was so sudden, I couldn’t resist!” – I’m always somewhat amused, how in these shows the consummation of the relationship is the confession, and then the kiss. There’s a reason they speak of it in terms we usually use for sex in HS RomCom films.

6) “I’ve made the promise with one of those three, but the one I love is Onodera.” So close. You can do it Raku, stop talking about promises, and just say who you like, go after your heart. Stop waiting for divine intervention, for the “hand of fate”, via a promise from ten years ago. Marika obviously is the smartest one around here, as outlined above, she knows what she wants, so as she said – “Stop trying to remember the me of 10 years ago, and remember the me of now.” So Raku, forget about old loves, embrace the present. Whichever girl it is, make your pick, the you that you are right now. Please.

7) Wait, we sort of blew by it, by Chitoge sort of admitted she has feelings for Raku, of how she’s the most fitting for him. Then again, it could be excused as part of the charade they must uphold.

8) Marika’s father is… just like Claude. A father figure who is out for Raku’s head for not loving their beloved “daughters” as much as they do. Onodera has no one on her corner, so of course she remains alone. And poor Raku has no one on his end either.

Nisekoi Episode 15 notes anime - Tachibana Marika and Ichijou Raki

9) “I’m fine with him having a girlfriend. I am resolved to steal him from her, otherwise, I won’t be able to call myself worthy of being with him.” I take it back, she is a yandere – Look at Raku’s face :<

10) “All I can do is make an effort to express my feelings.” Oh, Marika, if only the other characters in the show were more like you and did more than “make an effort”, amirite?

11) Raku, knows what to say to melt all the girls. LOL, she was all after him telling her how much he likes her, so now that he did, she runs away and turns into the other girls who can’t have an actual discussion? Man, we’ve been making progress, and then you take it all back!

OP looks real nice, even reminds me of some RomCom Hollywood film montages. Showing the “Choice-girls” side by side, but Tsugumi is absent. Tsugumi saves Raku as the prince, until she remembers she wishes to be a princess.

ED – Not a big fan of the music, big fan of the Tsugumi.

Post Episode:

Hmmmm. I still wonder what Marika is like. Is she conniving, or straightforward? Is she sweet, or prone to bursts of outrage? She said her one real trait is malleability, to conform with Raku’s tastes, but she does have an actual personna underneath.

I was so glad we’ve got someone who will push things forward, who will aim for their goals and won’t pussyfoot about it, but then “The Cute” happened, and she became as tongue-tied as everyone else.

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