Nisekoi Episode 14 Notes

April 12th, 2014.

Grating Wallflower, Genuine Rager.

Welp, Raku has a fiancée he doesn’t know about? This reminds me another harem RomCom with a blonde love-interest.


Nisekoi Episode 14 notes anime - Tachibana Marika

1) Such father, much responsibility, wow. “I sort of forgot about it myself, but when you were a kid I promised you to someone,” not only did he sell him off, he didn’t even recall it. Come to think of it, it’s just like the situation with Chitoge. Parents in this show are forces of nature, they introduce an element of chaos to their children’s lives.

2) So, new girl is a caricature of “All girls dream of getting married”? She knew from the time she was a child that she’ll marry, and kept dreaming of it? I wonder if it’s going for a reversal, where she’ll actually be an acidic tsundere.

3) Break out the wipers, we’ve got a bubblemergency on our hands!

4) The classroom turns quickly. They were angry with Raku for having it good, but now that things turn messy, they couldn’t be happier. Scum of the earth.

5) Yup, just as in the “old world”. Raku is the princess, and his father keeps selling him off to forge alliances.Being a medieval princess is hard. Raku also cooks. Hm.

6) Scary Chitoge burns like the sun. Terrifying. Someone better gif that, pronto.

7) I don’t like you, Marika. The fathers threatening Raku and Chitoge to play on their sense of responsibility is one thing, they’re looking out for themselves, and only asked Raku to fake it. You are forcing the boy you purport to love into spending time with you, though he doesn’t want to, by blackmailing him? Phie!

Nisekoi Episode 14 notes anime - Ichijou Raku is a gentleman

8) Gentleman Raku! Winning both girls with one sentence! “There’s no way I could abandon her just to have my curiosity sated!” – I bet Marika will only fall for him harder due to that, not to mention Chitoge.

And then she says so herself. It’d be more impressive if it weren’t for the fact a large part of why I enjoy this show is how predictable everything is ;-)

9) What a pretty shot, almost as if it’s all orchestrated, and she left her bag there so Raku would “accidentally overhear” that she’s frail and weak…

10) Raku and his sense of duty, his obligation to being “chivalrous”. So easy to manipulate.

11) Yes! I did want to note that the too sweet voice was grating on me as well! But here we go! Serious voice, showing her true colours! Another barbaric girl with a foul mouth! No wonder she resented Chitoge, that was a mirror of herself she tried so hard to quell, not remembering why. This is what you get when you go by what a 6 year old boy says he likes :P

See, all she had to do was lose her temper and suddenly, he recalls!

Post Episode:

Nisekoi Episode 14 notes anime - Angry Tachibana Marika

Dunno how I like Marika yet, because we only got to see her for about 15 seconds. I can tell you the manipulative wallflower Marika? Not a fan of her, at all.

Well, we’ve had more drama, a slower episode, and another episode cementing Raku and Chitoge. This episode supposedly introduced Marika, but I guess next week would be her true introduction, of this manipulative and deceitful girl.

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