Nisekoi Episode 13 Notes

April 5th, 2014.

Mini-notes – Chitoge-time

Time for more RomCom hinjinks!


  1. Raku, just last episode you said it doesn’t matter if Chitoge is the promise-girl, since you don’t like her, so why do you care which one it is? Let the past go, embrace the present :P
  2. Yeah, don’t know about you guys, but when Ichijo is with Tsugumi, he feels more relaxed, and the relationship flows much better than with the other two girls.
  3. Watch this show or don’t, but it’s still the mother lode of reaction faces.
  4. Surprise twist! A third promise-girl! I still think my theory is right, and Raku used to be a playboy. They’reall the right girls. He went around making a whole bunch of promises.
  5. “Just when I thought I was about to resolve the mystery, it only got even more baffling!” – Welcome to long-running RomComs!
  6. Though I’m a big fan of Onodera, this show really loves Chitoge a lot more. She actually does things and gets to be cute, rather than a moeblob.
  7. Chitoge, channeling her inner Shu troll.
  8. Shock and awe! Shock and motherfucking awe!

Post Episode:

Honestly? With how much the show really liked Chitoge, why do we even need to have a harem? I mean, “Boy and girl forced to act as a couple to fool off the yakuza families they’re part of and slowly grow closer” is a bona fide standard RomCom setup. Making it a harem? Unnecessary.

I’ll tell you why it’s a harem. Harems are for authors who can’t decide who they want (hue), they want to tell multiple stories at the same time. So we have all sorts of relationships, and with all sorts of girls.

Unnecessary, but still cute. I really liked this episode. I may like Onodera’s design, but she’s not really a “character”, while Chitoge is.

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