Nisekoi Episode 12 Notes

March 30th, 2014.

Mini-notes – Drama!

Another episode, trying to move to next to no notes, in preparation for Spring.

  1. Well, everyone knows something now, especially Raku, hue.
  2. And now they’re afraid to pull the trigger, because… why? Because they like someone else, or had said they don’t care for one another. Honestly, this is such nonsense :P I mean, so what if the you ten years ago liked someone, doesn’t mean much today. Do you like Onodera, or not? Leaving anything to the past is the same as leaving anything to fate, or in other words, to someone else.
  3. Nisekoi continues to have the best reaction faces of them all.
  4. “If it would have opened, what would have happened?” Gee, why not think of that before turning the key, and if you really didn’t wish for it, then don’t turn the key, and if you wished for it, don’t turn the key and just do it! Like GMing advice, honestly. Also, this is the opposite of HenNeko and Inari Konkon, where the supernatural supplements their choices, here they let external forces guide them.
  5. Two keys, one is Christian, one is Muslim (in design)? Heh. More seriously, perhaps Tsugumi has the other pendant? Ho ho ho.
  6. YES! Even if it’s Kirisaki, it’s just something from ten years ago! So, why would it matter if it’s Onodera? Cause it’d break the ice for you. Do it yourself.
  7. Onodera has her key in hand, even if she would’ve bailed had the pendant been there, she at least had the intention of testing it out.
  8. Shock and awe. Onodera is about to melt, but Ruri is going to have a meltdown and kill Shu ;)
  9. Who holds photos with their fingers on the photo itself? No one does that >.>
  10. A photo! This injection of drama feels amusing ;-)

    Oy, just give it to us!

This episode is an insertion of drama and suspense, come on, don’t tease :P

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