Nisekoi Episode 11 Notes

March 22nd, 2014.

Time to Come Clean

Chitoge, either she had realized that Raku is the boy from her childhood, or had realized that since she has him now to save the day for her, she no longer needs to track down who that kid had been. Love is in the air! And poor Raku, his heart going every which way – the girls only like one boy each, but he’s attracted to all these girls. I guess that’s why it’s a harem.

Thoughts and Notes:

  1. The classic RomCom Backfire! Where you tell someone you don’t like them and don’t want to see them, when you really do, and then they take you literally so they indeed go away :O
  2. Being Ruri is suffering. They want to be together, right? Yet they will fight any and all opportunities to be together. She literally has to strong-arm them. If I were her, I’d put them out of their misery, once and for all. She could use Tsugumi’s weapons :P
  3. It was obvious this is an Onodera episode since the episode started with a double whammy of sparkles for her.
  4. Onodera’s secret place. I bet at some point something would happen and she’d run away crying, and only Raku will know where to find her, and that place would be this secret place. Well, had this been a series aimed at having a limited-run rather than bordering on never-ending, at least ;-)
  5. “It’s a promise” has a different connotation in this show, since Onodera and Raku already think the other might be “Promise Child”, eh? :)
  6. Heh. We’re halfway through the episode, and I kept thinking that even though I really like Onodera, this episode had been lackluster, somewhat boring, without moments to make me smile or feel warm and fuzzy inside, and then, just as I thought, “Raku, you want to her her a question, yes, wait… no?! You don’t want to ask her about her birthday, but about the promise!” – Raku’s mind realizes he was being stupid and asked the actual question. We have the question getting popped! Now, let’s see how they get out of it, and while I wish they didn’t, I know they will :<
  7. I am beginning to have a suspicion, that child Raku had been a player, and that he’s made the promise not just with one girl, but with several, so many he can’t even remember their faces ;-)
  8. So fitting this Onodera shot is at 1337 into the episode ;-) To be frank though, Onodera said, “He was my first love.” Does it truly matter whether or not Raku is him? Because as the subtext here says, Raku is yourcurrent love. Just tell him you love him, rather than that you may had in the past ;-) But I guess that takes even more courage.

    “I was hoping you’d be that boy!” – I take it back, we have Ultimate Bravery liftoff!

  9. What is this “Let’s pick this up later” crap?! (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻ You’re now riding on the bus together, justspeak with one another! Dag nabbit! Useless RomCom characters, can’t rely on them to get anything right. Ruri, I feel your pain.
  10. Chibi girls too cute. I love chibi art. Sue me.
  11. “When I found out for sure that Onodera might be the girl…” – Yeah, you might want to revisit how things work, Raku :P
  12. HA! Another bomb is dropped! Good, finally, just as we begin the second half of the show, we have not just lift-off, but multiple ones!
  13. The endcard signifies where we stand. Well, we, the watchers, had known for a while, but now Raku does too.

Post Episode Thoughts:

How did this happen? This show which is my weekly escape from any thoughts, to which I come only to have some light-hearted fun while a goofy smile is plastered all over my face? Noooooo! :P

So we’ve had a real plot episode. Things are revealed. No longer will there be misunderstandings, or at least, people can’t act as if it’s all but a possibility. No, it wasn’t as “fun” as before, but this episode is surely going to ramp up the tension and drama, which are sure in turn to lead to more situations of hilarity and “feels”. Bring it on, show, I’m ready for you!

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