Nisekoi Episode 10 Notes

March 15th, 2014.

Realization Dawns?

Another week with a show that if I were one to bandy around the term “Guilty Pleasure,” this is the show I’d use it for, except I don’t. I like RomComs, this show is the distilled RomCom, so I like it. Life is simple. We like what we like, eh? :)

  1. Ooooh, right, they’re still at the school trip, it’s actually a continuation of last week’s episode :)
  2. That awkward silence after seeing one another naked. Their friends might think they’ve had sex, with how they’re acting around one another. Naaah. Too light of a RomCom for that.
  3. Hand-holding, no, the test of courage isn’t the excuse for the hand-holding, but the hand-holding is thereal test of courage. That’s our high school RomCom ;-)
  4. No wonder nothing ever happens in this show, all the characters spend all their mental and emotional energy thinking about what they’d do if something were to happen, rather than actually taking steps so it’d happen to begin with ಠ_ಠ
  5. So, this test of courage is conducted by school officials? Man, what a way to take all the fun out of it :<
  6. Ichijo Raku, the cool guy, just like when he saved Chitoge from drowning. He can’t let her just be there in the dark, he’s not that sort of guy. Woosh the wind in his wake blew Onodera’s shirt. They’re showing us why the girls should fall for him, they show us what a stand-up guy he is. They show us he cares for Chitoge.
  7. Awww, knowing who always saved, and always had saved Chitoge, the squeaky child voice, seeing her saved, seeing her tear up, I might have something in my eye here.
  8. 90% of this week’s sparkle budget spent on one shot, of showing Raku a dazzling Chitoge. Smooth work, director.
  9. This show started with Raku sitting under the night’s sky, observing the Milky way. This episode marks the half-way point, with Chitoge looking up. What does it mean? It’s not full-circle, but it’s half. Furthermore, think of the symbolism, which is quite common, it’s about finding your place in the world. It’s finding the person who signifies “home” to you. Furthermore, it ties Raku’s past to Chitoge’s present, and Chitoge’s past to her present.

    Chitoge doesn’t need to visit the place where she met with her first love for one of two reasons. Either she knows it’s Raku, or she has her current love, so why try to remember who the old one is? Regardless, Chitoge knows where she is, and where she wants to be, which is with Raku.

Another fun episode, not as fun as last episode, but I guess we worked on the romance rather than giving us nothing but comedy this time around ^_^

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