Nisekoi Episode 1 Notes

January 11th, 2014.

Just Your Regular RomCom, Shafted.

Shaft and RomCom. I’ve seen many people express disappointment, but it’s a RomCom, and that’s what I’m expecting, no more.

Thoughts and Notes:

Nisekoi episode 1 anime

  1. Ugh, that old-movie style for a memory of our youth is nice, but how it keeps shaking is giving me a worse migraine than the opening sequence of The Pilot’s Love Song, with the shaky camera there…
  2. Is this a Soulgem from Madoka? Hue :P And then “Let’s get married” – talk about a contract.
  3. I actually liked the whole sequence with the whole gang, and the noodle arms :)
  4. Perfect landing, 10/10. Would jump again.
  5. A drive-by? She should be thrown in jail – you’re supposed to provide aid and succor after harming someone like that :O Heartless.
  6. Not a fan of the silly music and effects as he’s all smitten when Onodera treats him.
  7. Oh noes! The silly antics are invading! Yes, that’s a great expression face.
  8. Oh LOL! Even though he’s this tough yakuza, and it’s to head off a war, the moment he hears his son might have a girlfriend he blushes to his toes :D

ED – Endless texture-change, “pretty” but a bit too static in that sense. Quite energetic. Ok.

And I do like that whimsical tune playing during the end-card.

Post Episode Notes:

Nisekoi episode 1 anime

I liked it alright. I actually quite like RomComs. I do think I might have enjoyed it more had it not been so “Shaft-like”, actually, or been more “usual”, ala Denpa Onna.

It’s usual RomCom stuff right off the bat, but that’s not a dig, RomCom is often aimed at being “comforting”, so they try not to rock the boat – childhood friend, people who have feelings but can’t admit them, mistaken identities, false front, a couple who is supposed to be loving but hates one another and slowly grows fonder, but can’t admit it – first to themselves and then to the other one, etc.

The music most of the time annoyed me a tad, and yeah, I kept seeing the Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, Monogatari, and Madoka “scenes”, even in small things as the tile-fences. Well, hopefully I’ll just keep enjoying it for what it is. In the end, art is often there just to enhance the experience, clue you in, show you what’s there, rather than being the main focus – sometimes the direction, music and visuals in this show just demanded attention, smothering the actual content a tad.

Check sifudango’s write-up here for a more in-depth analysis. I plan to enjoy it as a silly RomCom, I hope.

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