Nagi no Asukara Episode 9 Notes

November 28th, 2013.

Change is Everything

Well, last episode was the tiniest moment possible, pure slice-of-life. The question is whether we’ll get back on the drama and/or cultural clash track this week, or get another slice of life. I hope for tears, myself – need anime to pull their weight! :P

Shorter Asides:

Nagi no Asukara anime episode 9

Battle-chef Manaka strikes a pose – too cute

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Change is Everything:

Nagi no Asukara anime episode 9

Tsumugu with his endless adulthood and truth-bombs.

  1. “I wonder what it was. It was different, even a bit creepy.” – The unfamiliar as creepy, how very interesting he says that, now that he lives on the surface, when the show is all about coming to terms with new environments, and with change – for growing up, as Chiaki had told us, is about change.
  2. Tsumugu, as in most episodes, is dropping the truth-bombs! The slightly sinister/intense music in the background. Tsumugu is the adult of all adults here – accepting what he feels, rejecting self-deceit, and moving to have what he wants to have, and to be a complete person. He is so much an adult that most adults, in most shows, couldn’t measure up to him – let alone the other kids in the show about growing up. Where is his growing up, where is his origin story?
  3. The Village is different from usual.” – Changing is being an adult, isn’t that what you said? Yet, to come home and to see it transformed, to see it no longer home, must be unsettling. Same experience as seeing someone trifled through your things, a sense of otherness. Change isn’t always good, Chisaki. And yes, that scene is a tad creepy :3

2) Young Love Is Hard:

  1. “I’m not feeling well, so I’m going home.” – Tsumugu started at that. He’s not impervious to doubting himself for what he’s saying, for words do things as well.
  2. The little brat just got a crush on Kaname, and now said she doesn’t know where Chisaki is because she wants to keep him all to herself. Well, she’s a brat :p
  3. So everyone here is giving themselves up, for others’ sake. Chisaki though does it because that’s what she thinks she “needs” to do as an adult. Hikari doesn’t do it for such nonsense, he does it for the sake of the one he cares for.

3) The End Times (Death Flags!) Are Upon Us:

  1. So, the adults know of the prophecy. Guess forgetting/abandoning the Sea God is related. Very biblical – The Israelites didn’t uphold their side of the Covenant or didn’t act according to God’s desire, and he had punished them, for generations. See, the adults, they’re not saying “Ha, they deserve this!” but try to fix things – it’s everyone’s asses in the fire if things go badly. That doesn’t mean they won’t still blame one another when tempers flare.
  2. Everyone coming together to help, very “end of arc” vibe, but somehow when these things happen in shows, and it’s not the last 3-4 minutes of the show, something happens. Well, narrative causality is a hard thing to go against. It’s likely to wipe these smiles off their faces.
  3. Manaka, those are some serious death-flags – “You’ve always been there for me, thank you for being my friend, Hikari!” O.O

Other Thoughts:

Nagi no Asukara anime episode 9

This show has some great shots and shot composition.

  1. Manaka goes through the door and says sorry though about a foot away there’s a simple opening in the wall :3 Also, that shot is really lovely. Makes me think of Hanasaku Iroha, and films such as Summer Wars. It feels like home, it feels “old” – sort of like the sea? :3

Post Episode Notes:

With how everyone stays inside, remember how I mentioned the Old Testament before? This is a story similar to the one where God came down upon Egypt and culled the firstborns, where the Israelites cowered in their homes after smearing the entry with blood so God will know to pass over their homes. This is the origin of Passover. Or when Abraham’s family was saved from Sodom and Gomorrah before they had been annihilated.

Tsumugu is the biggest mystery of the show, in a way, and the show keeps pointing it out, with how much of an adult he is – more of an adult than most adults, who keeps telling the other children what they need to hear, even if not what they wish to hear. Manaka accepts and listens, which is why they “fit” together. But what does Tsumugu want? Where is his wisdom flowing from? That’s what we still need to learn.

Well, change is scary, when the place you’ve always known, when the people who raised you act as strangers, the sense of otherness can be overwhelming. Something is coming, a storm. Will our friends be able to stick together? The turmoil that will sweep the surroundings can yet be as nothing compared to the chaos within their maiden hearts :3

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