Nagi no Asukara Episode 7 Notes

November 14th, 2013.

Things Boil Over, It’s All Personal

So, how many characters will cry or shout at one another? Will we have full-out conflicts, or things will only startreally going on this episode? I’m curious. This is what we’ve been watching the show for – conflicts.

Shorter Asides:

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Doing What You Can Do:

  1. “I don’t like doing things halfway. Even if it’s hopeless, I want to at least try everything we can do to finish without regrets.” – So, basically, shounen heroes are junior high students :3
  2. “Tsumugu, are you in?” – “I don’t mind.” – Didn’t you tell Manaka last episode to speak her mind? Say “I want to do it!” if you do :p
  3. “You’re going to rely on me?” – So much for doing it all on your own, Hikari, of showing your desire. Well, some measure of tough love, some measure of thinking it won’t end well anyway, and probably a bit of “Just let me read my underwater newspaper in peace, Hikari.” :p
  4. “But I think once someone decides to change and tries really hard at it, not even the Sea God can stop them.” – I wonder if we’ll see this put to the test. Also, we often talk of how nothing can stop the wind and the sea, which is another way of saying nothing can stop time, and thus, change.
  5. “We must do everything we can.” – Which mirrors what Tsumugu said earlier, each person should do what they can do, not what they cannot, and since Uroko-sama can’t kill them or stop them, he can scare them, but he also must do all that he can. Also, this is about the father as well, who cannot talk to his children, or bend.
  6. See, this is what happened to their father when he tried to do something he couldn’t do, letting, when he tried to be merciless and cold toward his children and permit Uroko-sama to stop them. It didn’t work out, and it only hurt him. I think Uroko-sama might have done this to teach him a lesson.

2) It’s All Personal:

  1. So, it’s not that things had been rotten for a while, but just this year that hostilities are flaring up, and unsurprisingly, money (the fishing company) is involved.
  2. “I’ll make the Ofunehiki happen, the thing you and Tsumugu wished for.” – The great things of the world, in the end they’re all moved by the singular people’s desires. There’s no grand scheme here, just small individuals doing their things. Well, aside from the Sea-God maybe.

2.1) Communication Breakdown – When You Don’t Want to Listen – Painting it as Communal (A Lie):

  1. “Oh noes! The kimono is on backwards!” – Which is to say, if they don’t want it to happen, it won’t, and if they do, it will. Excuses are just excuses. Also, poor teacher, having to sit in the middle, well, it’s just like school, having to quiet down belligerent kids.
  2. Oh my, asking for an apology before discussions never works out well. Teachers and parents often do that, and it’s an ultimatum, but it works because they’re in a position to make that ultimatum… so now, two groups who want the same thing, and neither will get it, because of pride. Yup, they’re all humans, definitely humans.
  3. Oh, this can’t be going good places. Tribalism, conservatism, and now we talk of women as the signifiers of purity who are “stolen”, this is bad.
  4. And sometimes you don’t need to be an adult to realize people are being childish :<

Post Episode Notes:

Let’s begin with the most important question, is Hikari going to be Miuna’s boyfriend, uncle, or brother? :3

Maybe I’m a cruel person, but this was a great episode, but it’s not surprising we’re drawn to these episodes – conflict might hurt the people within the show, but it makes for a story, it drives things forward, and it’s easier to appreciate than just an “atmospheric” story.

Things are really boiling, on the surface, underwater, and between both sides. I can understand Hikari’s father, he tried to show Hikari that things are much more complicated, and not nearly as easy to fix as a single wooden doll. Thing is, Hikari’s father had the ability to intervene, and fix things, rather than merely teach his son a lesson. Some might say he didn’t act politically, that he simply stayed out of it, but that’s a political decision that fanned the flames.

Hikari and Akari on the surface, and not just the families, but all their friends will surely have what to say about it, nor will it bode well for sea-shore relationships, especially in these fraught times, especially with them being the children of the priest and the Ofunehiki being so close. The Sea God seems agitated as well, so things are only going to get ever more tumultuous from here on out.

I suspect next episode will focus again on the close personal level, where we see that actions have consequences on the single-character level, which is only right, since everything that happens, no matter how large, is driven by single characters’ decisions – the old men of the sea who wanted an apology, the old-men of the fishing company who didn’t want to give it, the priest who wanted to teach his son a lesson, and the son who only wanted to make his friends happy. Very little of it has to do with people thinking about big themes, and all of it has to do with people thinking of themselves and of other individuals.

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