Nagi no Asukara Episode 6 Notes

November 7th, 2013.

So, we supposedly don’t know what’s going to happen this week, as Akari’s arc sort of “wrapped up”, but Akari’s arc, as all the characters’ arcs are never just about the personal level, but also about the culture-clash. So let’s see what undercurrents surface this episode.

Thoughts and Notes:

I love walking, and I think walking is normal – I wonder how these guys to whom swimming is as natural as breathing will take to a swimming pool, I for one find it weird when people make a big deal out of walking. Then again, sometimes we make a big deal out of breathing as well – it’s not the same when you pay attention to something, and do it with your mind oriented towards it. Still, amusing.

Very nice, when asked if he’s not going to do warm-up before swimming, Hikari answers “Like I need any preparation to breathe.” – To him, especially as young as he is, swimming is as natural as breathing. Old people could tell him a thing or two :3

“Please escort him to the nurse.” – His nail came off, he’s not dying, he’s not 3 years old, he can make it on his own, honestly.

Kaname-kun, with his easy manner, builds bridges, and helps others acros. Tsumugu-kun, by contrast, does it by being reliable so you come to rely on him, and the girls do so by crossing over themselves.

“Mukaido, you’re not with Hiraida? That’s rare/weird.” – Which I commented on last week, the two pairs, always as pairs, and when Manaka is on her own without Chisaki she just feels alone, and as if a gulf exists between her and the boys.

“Hey, why don’t you finish your sentences?” – Tsumugu, delivering a killing blow to moe-blobs everywhere. “You should always talk without hesitating.” – Tsumugu is once more the adult of the show, he doesn’t speak often, or say much, but he weighs and means every word, and isn’t afraid to say what he does say. He’s “so cool”, and I’m not very sarcastic here.

Nagi no Asukara / NagiAsu anime episode 6

A beautiful shot of an alien world, shared with friends.

You say “tomoebi” but all I see is “Triforce”. Here’s another lovely shot, great sci-fi shot, of the sort you expect to be used to show you an alien world, and this very much is an alien world.

And yup, this is Chisaki saying what I said last week, about why she ran away from Manaka – she doesn’t want to change, she doesn’t want the world to change, she doesn’t want the group to change. Forming a relationship with Hikari changes the whole dynamics, and also marks a crossing of boundaries to adulthood. The group can’t stay the same. It’s not a coincidence they talked of Chisaki’s breasts this episode, of how physically developed she is, when now she speaks of the desire to remain as she is, as a child, forever.

Post Episode Notes:

So, we did get another episode of small moments, of characters reflecting, and learning more about themselves and one another. A series of small moments. Weaker, but such episodes are often necessary – you can’t have release and change mean anything without build-up.

Next episode’s preview seems like everything will blow up, people literally butting head, the Ojoshi-sama, Akari’s relationship. Fun! Well, for us watchers, not for the people living in that world.

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