Nagi no Asukara Episode 5 Notes

October 31st, 2013.

I expect this episode and maybe the next will still be more slice of life, with whatever cracks appear be between the kids, as we see them being kids, and the romantic turmoil slowly bubble up, before we truly get more full-blown clashes between the cultures, but let’s see, they might decide one episode had been enough.

Shorter Asides:

Thoughts and Notes:

1) “So you are a man of the sea.” – No reconciliation, either of the sea, or of the land. The whole thing about the children not being able to share, not even 50% chance, does change things though. Reminds me of some local discussions as well about marrying gentiles which spring up yearly once some statistics are published to the media.

In the end, he does say Akari’s decision is her own, but at this juncture it also feels a tiny bit like claiming plausible deniability for when shit hits the fan. Also, “The saltflake snow is just the beginning” sure sounds ominous.

2) I actually noticed it every episode, but this episode with Chisaki missing it’s really noticeable – the two girls walk together, and so do the two boys. With Chisaki missing, Manaka is just trailing behind, and the gap seems insurmountable.

“If I keep on liking Hikari, I’ll keep on being someone I don’t like.” – Wow, so many ways to talk about this – how you are when you like someone, and how you are around them, etc. As opposed to how you are – but is there a you except the you in situations? Well, this is about excising a specific you. That she knows it is already something, well, we often have characters in dramas go “I am so horrible, I wished something bad would happen to X so I could have Y!” – this is pretty ridiculous, but this time it’s junior high students, so I guess it’s alright. This show is squarely on the comedy side of things, not a romantic comedy.

Also, Manaka said she likes Tsumugu, not Hikari, so why is she running away from Chisaki? Did she just want to have everyone run around her, is she sad that she caused harm to Chisaki? Or just the general point, that emotions can be scary? Moreover, love in their small group can break it apart, and this small group is everything to Manaka.

3) Yup, I’ve talked about it last week – there are three motherless children in this show – Akari, Hikari and Miuna. Akari’s thematic thread is all about the mother-angle, and now the question is the mother of which of the other two children she will be. Also tied nicely with Hikari’s need for being self-sufficient, a “grown man”, even though I think he knows what he’s doing, he spent all of episode 3 thinking about it after all.

“I love everyone, I love you all.” – A motherly feeling in Akari. Also, part of her relationship with the man was taking care of him after his wife died, so she “mothered” him as well.

4) Thinking about what you’d say in a confession can be just as important as going to one, in part because being in a confessional does force you to think about what you’re going to say there.

Post Episode Notes:

Anything I thought the episode would be, well, one of the directions it could’ve gone :p – We had character-centered drama, with everything remaining on the immediate and personal level.

This actually made me think, I kept thinking the next clash between the two communities will be with the festival, where the humans need to send to sea the doll as an offering, but what if it’d come from Akari’s behaviour, especially as the daughter of the head-chief?

Good episode, overall.

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