Nagi no Asukara Episode 4 Notes

October 24th, 2013.

So, we had Hikari showing some maturity, but now he sees that bastard has a daughter?! This must not pass!

Also, some reflection, Tsumugu is now part of the group… time for the outside world to invade and disrupt the idyllic nature, unless they’re going to give us a couple of episodes of slice of life/focusing just on the small relationships, so when something happens it’ll truly shatter the peace. I don’t think they’ll do that, but keep interspersing conflict throughout the other pieces.

Random Notes:

  • Holy shit – “I don’t like playing dirty like you do, Miuna.” – and he just walks away. So he did do some growing up! That exchange was so cool, for a junior high student ;) (I bet /u/Bobduh is going to fangasm here.) Also, that slightly sad, slightly thoughtful music just before the OP, I like that track.
  • Personally, we didn’t need the shot of the door to the workshop opening and someone stepping towards it – just seeing them arrive there and finding it broken was enough – with seeing the two dudes walk past them across the hall they’re force-feeding us what we’re supposed to be thinking. A minor annoyance.
  • Kaname ribbing on Chisaki with the punchline about middle-aged men made me chuckle. He got her good. Personally, the relationship between Kaname and Chisaki is very Shinsekai Yori for me, you know which relationship I’m talking about. It’d be interesting if they’ll truly leave Kaname with “Best friend who isn’t interested in Chisaki romantically” position – heck, if she confesses to him and he doesn’t say “Yes,” or “I’ll accept when you really want me rather than realized you can’t have Hikari,” but – “I just want to be your friend.” – will it be a first? I wonder.
  • “If people find out about this, Hikari will be the bad guy.” – “Bad guy” isn’t a truth-claim, it’s a perception claim. If you believe someone can truly be the bad guy, then they can be the bad guy even if no one knows about it, right? But regardless of terminology, she doesn’t care whether Hikari is in the wrong or not, but how he’s perceived, how he’s treated. So, what do you guys think, is acting out of compassion a shield for Chisaki to not be the bad guy in this scene? Because yeah…
  • “It’s not a good thing to lie, it’ll isolate you even further.” – Tsumugu-kun, have you been reading Georg Zimmel? For those who don’t follow – lies only work as part of a community, as a boundary between “close and far”, and if only those two know of it, then it’ll mark anyone who doesn’t know as “far” – in society at large, secrets often work in this sort of school environment because you know people have secrets, and whether you know what they are or not shows where you stand in regards to them. There’s a saying by teachers at local schools, or kids at that age, which translates to “There are no secrets in community.” – which is the opposite – society is defined by secrets :3
  • “I don’t want everyone to misunderstand Hikari just because he misunderstands them.” – first reaction – Tsumugu is the adult of the show. Second reaction – not surprising for Kaname to need help/time grasping this. Third reaction, amusement at him literally repeating it again.
  • Ok, I have to get it out of my system – Hnnnnnnnggggg! – Fear the ManaKana!
  • Hikari is asking Manaka why she offered the sushi to those boys – a few episodes ago you’d expect him to blame her/shout at her for even doing so, but he knows he doesn’t know everything. Way to go little buddy. And yes, us telling him way to go over every little thing goes to show how immature he was acting when the show began – understandable, and show-moving, but still very much annoying.
  • Interesting discussion between Akari and Uroko-sama, on many levels. Now I think the discussion she had with her father and Uroko-sama wasn’t them lecturing her, but a discussion about her life, relationship, etc. Also, the lack of job opportunities around the underwater city can explain all the men sitting around doing nothing, giving them time to push their noses into others’ business, and also aligns with some aboriginal (read – native) related movies. Ok, was wrong about the first part, she didn’t tell them everything, but it doesn’t mean she didn’t say anything. I wonder.
  • Akari wanted to fill the hole in Miuna’s life, who reminded her of Hikari – and she also tried to fill the hole in Hikari’s life, when he was younger. She keeps trying to insert herself into the holes she sees in little kids’ hearts – I’m going to say she should start thinking of herself, but maybe she sees herself in these little kids? She also lost her mother and cried as a result. And Uroko-sama concurs with me.
  • If that flare was actually a message, and not Uroko-sama merely interpreting a symbol he thinks he has seen, then it’s pretty cool, and very portentous.
  • I’m sorry, I don’t like the “I beat you, now we’re cool and friends” trope in shows, it’s really bad. But, it’s a show about brats, I guess it’s sort of bratty itself >.>

Post Episode Thoughts:

Slice of life episode, not much to say – got some moments I really liked, some moments I didn’t like where characters had been brats, got moments of Hikari growing up and being reflective, and some moments where his hot-bloodedness still showed through. Got sad moments, but mostly via the sympathetic crying effect. Tsumugu is a weird character, right now.

All in all – solid episode. Seems they’re going to build the small moments and characters before throwing them into the socio-political frying-pan again. Makes sense, to make us care before the situation where caring is required appears.

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