Nagi no Asukara Episode 3 Notes

October 18th, 2013.

Well, the way last episode ended sure was ominous – The fight between the close and the far, family and tribe, tradition and change. Gotta be interesting, a young boy, who is attached to his sister, but also can’t help but see the similarities to his own loved one’s situation. I bet he’ll tell his sister off, because that’s what he’ll want to tell ManaKana. We’ll see.

Thoughts and Notes:

Akari-san being lectured. Soft pressure is the strongest pressure your peers and family can apply. Uroko-sama seems serious for once.

“This is all Akari’s guy’s fault” – classic, just as outlined above – he loves his sister, and just like with Manaka, wants to blame the guy. She’s in a relationship, so why isn’t it Akari’s fault as well? Also, she is much more likely to know the rules than some guy from the surface. But he wants to blame the guy, and he doesn’t want to blame Akari – he’s shaping up to be a xenophob just like the rest of the old guys around.

“Chisaki, your taste in guys sucks” – Hikari, who doesn’t know Chisaki likes him. Ho ho ho.

Nice to see the children’s superstition, with the sea-slugs. This really is a magical realism show, alongside Gingitsune, who also had a moment discussing a superstition this week.

Finally, some self-reflection from Hikari, including understanding his reaction to Akari is part of his frustration about Manaka, and that only he is responsible for that frustration, and that the other side also has feelings.

More than that, we can see his feelings towards his sister, and that they are complex, and that he knows he doesn’t understand them fully – we can treat that as a way to also see his relationship with Manaka – well, we knew that, but perhaps he’ll be able to realize it as well, with how Akari and Manaka mirror one another currently.

“Believe me, Hikari-kun, I’m not messing around with Akari.” – “Then, do you plan on marrying her?” – note that he could ask this in an outrage, but he calmed down entirely when he asks this. He does want his sister to be happy, even if it makes him sad, because he also can’t bear to hear her cry.

I thought the old man is from the underwater village, when we saw he and Hii-kun having the same eyes, just moments before and after he commented on Hii-kun’s eyes. Makes sense.

ManaKana being ManaKana, be still my heart. Hnnnnng Ah, the face of ManaKana…

Post Episode Thoughts:

Hikari finally beginning to explore how others feel, how there’s no right choice. The ending somewhat threw him back, but I think it’s going to just show him even more, how there are more people, more sides, and more layers to each of these things.

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