Nagi no Asukara Episode 25 Notes

March 27th, 2014.

Love is Like the Mercurial Sea; Being Miuna is Suffering.

The penultimate episode! Things are progressing, things are resolved. And just like most problems in real life, there is no real “change” that led to these things. People could’ve said them years ago. And yet, that’s really how people work, putting things off for quite some time. Kaname knows he’s not going to be with Chisaki, and Sayu had told him how she feels without being rejected. Chisaki all but accepted Tsumugu but needs to sacrifice herself one more time before she’s able to accept it. Time for the main love-triangle of Hikari, Manaka, and Miuna, then. Time for the Sea God and the Ofunehiki, act 2. Some nice shots from this episode. Thoughts and Notes: 1) Manaka’s Feelings – Love is Like the Sea:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 25 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - The Cradle

The Sea is also dark and mysterious, and houses alien beings. It is our cradle and our grave.

1) So now we know what feelings Manaka tried to banish, her love for Hikari. But why? We thought it’d be her love for Tsumugu. Well, it does make sense. Her love for Hikari, especially with him feeling the same way might have broken their small group, especially since she had known Chisaki likes Hikari as well. 2) Oooh, the other half of that discussion. Tsumugu is the sun, but Hikari is the sea. The sun gives us light, the sun is the truth, as Plato’s cave uses the symbol. The sun is a distant father. The sea envelopes us and is home. The sea is also dark and mysterious. Yes, the sun warms us, but we are nothing without the sea that surrounds us – “I can’t breathe and I dry up without Hikari.” is what she’s saying, Tsumugu causes her to dry out. Also, this show is all about the sea, isn’t it? Tsumugu as well, when he confessed to Chisaki, he didn’t liken her to the sun or the moon (which are also far away and unreachable), but to the sea. Everyone likes the sea. Well, at least in this show. 3) Tsumugu, if you were a person, I might have to hate you. You’re insufferable. You’re a really great character though. “Why didn’t you tell Hikari that Manaka likes you? He had to work so hard for it!” – “Yes, exactly.” I really like Tsumugu in this show, Spock-like behaviour and all. Or perhaps because of his vulcan-like tendencies? 4) “Love is like the sea. Sometimes it’s painful, it is often tumultuous, and that’s when new feelings are born.” – Is Tsumugu also telling Miuna to embrace her feelings, because they hurt her, rather than trying to suppress them? Knowing Tsumugu (as if anyone could), he just might. 5) “It is so hard to breathe in the sea.” – How the tables have turned. Beforehand it was hard for Manaka to breathe away from the sea, away from Hikari. Now she can’t breathe at the sea, when the Sea God’s cloying love reaches for her. No, it’s not truly contradictory. As Tsumugu had said, love is like the sea. The mercurial and ever-shifting waters. Sometimes it brings you succor, and at other times it drags you down. 2) Chisaki Admits the Truth: Nagi no Asukara Episode 25 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Tearful Chisaki 1) Interesting. In the past, Chisaki didn’t want Manaka and Hikari to be together, because that’d have changed the shape of their group. Well, now we know the truth. Hikari and Manaka had always been together, so her “I want nothing to change!” cry was actually desiring to keep her lie alive, the lie that she has a chance of being together with Hikari. Manaka and Hikari, so long it wasn’t “official”, she could lie to herself. 2) Time to admit it! We’ve spent too much time on it already, and we still have to tie-up everything regarding Manaka and Miuna. Yes, Chisaki, it’s time to say “I do (love you).” 3) “I can’t be the only happy one.” – Enough martyrdom, not being happy won’t help others, y’know. 3) Being Miuna is Suffering: Nagi no Asukara Episode 25 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Miuna caught by the Sea God 1) “Say it, say that you love her!” – On one hand, trying to inflict pain on herself (reminds me of Chuunibyou), and on the other, to show herself all the work she’s done thus far is truly worth it, that the person she’s doing it for is worthy. Silly Miuna, trying to cause the love to hurt so much that she’ll be able to throw it away. Hadn’t you listened to Tsumugu? The hurt is part of the love, and rather than enabling the forging of different feelings, will only forge your love-shackles stronger. 2) I know some people who only care for Miuna’s happiness, I’m sure they’ll be crying or flipping tables 11:11 in, when she falls down and cries over her love. They are lying to themselves, they like Miuna and her lovebecause it hurts. If it didn’t hurt her, they wouldn’t care for her. In truth, they’re all sadists who revel in her suffering. 4) Uroko-Sama – Being a Part, Being Apart: 1) The distance between legend and reality. “The Noble Sacrifice” is someone society wants to be rid of anyway. People who are but mouths to feed. But the Sea God’s mercy took her in. And yet, she wanted nothing but to return to the surface, and in so doing became a burden once more, a far greater burden, at that. 2) Uroko-sama being self-depreciative, speaking of part and whole, and then of being apart from the whole, of feeling insignificant, of losing yourself compared to the whole. Some could say he is indeed talking of love, including him and the Sea God. To love is to be distinct, to see the other as another, or is it perhaps something that makes that impossible? 3) Hm, so had these truly been Manaka’s feelings that enveloped Miuna with Ena? Because Manaka loved Hikari, and so did Miuna, so Manaka’s feelings thought Miuna are their own host body? So, does it mean Tsumugu also loves Hikari? ;-) Ah, I see, they all love the sea. So the Ena-feelings grabbed onto the other sea-lovers. This shot at the end of next episode’s preview, is it next episode’s preview, is it? It’s the same shore, but without buildings, and without snow. Is it the far past? Is it the distant future? It does look as if whoever it is is the only person in the world, creating civilization anew? Hm. Shorter Notes / Asides: Nagi no Asukara Episode 25 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Cute Akira

  1. Well, the moment Akira was told the pendant has Manaka’s love, it was obvious he’ll grab it ;-)
  2. Nice shot, makes sense that you have rails going underwater, for the sake of transporting material between the two villages.
  3. Akira’s so cute! :D Wait, he just goosed Manaka, sexual harassment! :P
  4. Uroko-sama coming in a car. No, I didn’t see that one coming.
  5. I wonder what the men were chanting. I liked the sound.
  6. Here’s something I really wonder about. At one episode we’ve been told there are other villages, sea-villages. Do they also have Ofunehikis? Do they also send Ojoshi-samas? Hm.
  7. The cradle of our civilization. The graveyard of fake offerings to pacify a colicky child-god.
  8. Being Miuna is suffering. So, Miuna and the Ojoshi-sama with Manaka’s love-pendant, will it work, or will the greedy Sea God try to keep both?

Post Episode Thoughts: Nagi no Asukara Episode 25 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Future Miuna? Well, things are happening! And yes, one more episode for people to think Hikari cares for Miuna. Well, he does care for her, she’s both a friend and family. Hikari truly cares for all of his friends, but she’s got no real chance, give it up, everyone :P I liked this episode. Things happened, and characters accepted the truth. I don’t want to say characters “grew” in this episode, or that this episode reflected their past growth, because that doesn’t feel true. There was no real change, except finally choosing to accept how things had already been, had always been, perhaps. And yet, that’s how humans work, we spend most of our times convincing ourselves of things we already know, of things we already feel. And it’s nice we finally got there, but then again, it’s not like we didn’t expect everything to end up resolved, one way or the other ;) Return to the Nagi no Asukara Episodic Notes page.

One comment on “Nagi no Asukara Episode 25 Notes

  1. flamerounin says:

    “Here’s something I really wonder about. At one episode we’ve been told there are other villages, sea-villages. Do they also have Ofunehikis? Do they also send Ojoshi-samas? Hm.”

    this actually something many people are somewhat missing when they go ranting “hey why is it all about the romance, aren’t they goit to save the world?!”the series already made it clear from the start that it is interested only in the small scale story and that shioshishio is not the center of the world.

    with that, you could assume that each of the thousands or so villages that possibly exist in this world probably has their own uroko-sama (the guy mentioned that he is just a scale from the shoulder area) and their own version of the Ojoshi-sama and ofunehiki myth. continuing, from there, it is possible that manaka wasn’t the only one who chose to sacrifice herself during the first ofunehiki, there could have been many others who had the same answer.

    in short, nagi no asukara is butr one of the many stories that are happening in this world. really it would make you appreciate the directions the series took with this mindset.

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