Nagi no Asukara Episode 23 Notes

March 13th, 2014.

Everyone’s Projecting.

Including this episode, we have 4 episodes left. This is a drama. Some people might expect everyone blowing up, shouts and anger. We’ve got a trickle of it throughout the show, so I don’t know if we’re actually going to get several episodes of it. Feels to me we’ll have half an episode at some point of everyone shouting, then seeing how everything is resolved, or as I suspect, we’ll see the characters’ resolve, while things aren’t truly resolved.

Manaka can’t love, but it doesn’t truly change anything, as this show had always been about unreciprocated feelings, this just makes things overt, and makes those feelings impossible to be reciprocated. But nope, as far as the kids are concerned, no real change in the situation.

Here are some pretty images from today’s episode.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Hikari and Miuna are Sweet:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 23 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Tearful Hikari

1) “Laughing ManakaCrying Hikari” – This shot is to show us how lovely Manaka is, but it might be the time I cared the most about Hikari since the flashback to when his mother died. Hikari is used to action, to loud words, but he cries for how helpless he is, which is exactly the lesson Uroko-sama pointed out to him.

2) “You’ve been such a crybaby lately, so I’ll be the adult.” Hmmm. Crying isn’t childish :p Over time I’ve noticed a major cause for tears is feeling helpless, when you try to do or say something but just can’t. When adults don’t cry due to these reasons, does it only mean their hopes had already been dashed and their shortcomings drilled into them? Hue.

3) Hikari, you’re so cool, you’re going to make Miuna fall in love with you! Oh, wait… :P “You guys showed me that love can exist and bring happiness, and even if she won’t love me, I want Manaka to feel it too!” – That’s Hikari alright, full steam ahead, with boundless optimism.

2) Everyone’s Projecting:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 23 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Chisaki

1) Heh, they talk of Manaka’s love, but it’s only an excuse to espouse how they feel, and talk of their own hypothetical situations, and then react to what someone else is saying. Chisaki likes Hikari, and has two boys who like her other than him, so not feeling love would make her life simpler. Kaname feels as a troubled teenager, so obviously cutting out his bleeding heart would bring him some respite.

Sayu, she has it going in two ways, first she had tried to convince herself she will live alone and to give up on Kaname, and then decided to go for it again, after thinking she had betrayed her feelings, so she will not back down now. In addition, hearing Kaname say he might be happier without being able to love, when she loves him, feels like a slap in the face for her own hopes.

Yes, they’re discussing Manaka, but everyone here is being selfish. Then again, isn’t that how you try to help others, or come up with policies? By thinking of how it’d affect you? That’s certainly a first step, and one fitting for teenagers.

2) Symbolism, not by the show makers, but by its characters. Hikari is trying to return Manaka’s feelings to her, so gives her the white rock of genuine emotions. Hey, this world has magic, so why not?

3) Miuna is projecting as well – Manaka’s love is missing so her heart is screaming out in loneliness, which is basically another way to phrase how all these kids whose feelings aren’t returned are feeling.

4) Sayu once more with the message of the whole show – “Even if my love is one-sided, it’s better to have that love than not.” – And this is the journey that she had undergone. I’d say that if the show has a message, this is it. Supposedly they could just withhold judgment and present all the possible positions to us, but it really feels to me as if this is the message the show is pushing, especially with its emotional and active characters. Even the seemingly cold and more cerebral characters are moved to act based on their feelings.

3) Tsumugu and Change:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 23 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Tsumugu and Chisaki underwater

1) Yup, Tsumugu and Kaname aren’t idiots, they noticed Chisaki’s answer. They just didn’t blow up immediately about it.

2) Hikari admits to Tsumugu that Manaka likes/liked him, and admits he needs his help to get her to feel love (for Tsumugu) again. This must be hard. And yet, knowing Tsumugu, he’s probably going to be very cool about it, since he likes Chisaki now (or did he always? It did feel as if even before the time-skip they moved his interest from Manaka to Chisaki as the episodes went by).

3) “I want to face Chisaki properly, otherwise I can’t move forward.” – This is how most characters here differ from Kaname, and how Tsumugu differs from everyone else. Remember what’s the theme of the show that I and the show had been belaboring so long and so often? Change, resisting it, accepting it, but change. Tsumugu is willing to move forward if Chisaki tells him “No,” while Kaname had been very passive aggressive and poisonous as he wasn’t. Undoing time, stopping time… none of that nonsense for Tsumugu. Tsumugu believes in being clear about what you think and feel, and following through. He will not dwell, but he still requires a decision. Yes, he’s being selfish, but he’s not being petulant about it.

Shorter Notes / Asides:

  1. Those who receive Ena, they are those who go into the water with feelings, they are those Manaka liked before the time-skip. Manaka lost her feelings and her Ena, and those who leap into the water who receive her feelings, who receive her blessing, also receive her Ena.
  2. Tsumugu truly went into the dark abyss after Chisaki, didn’t he? The shots of him and Chisaki sort of feel otherworldly, or even of the afterworld, supposedly.
  3. I honestly don’t know why Chisaki is acting so surprised, it was all but obvious. Is it because he said it out loud, or is it because she was there so now they can’t act as if it hadn’t been stated? Heh.
  4. Yeah, “I love the sea. You remind me of the sea.” Tsumugu, the poet of few words ;)

Post Episode Thoughts:

I guess we might go around the cast, resolve their issues while projecting them onto everyone else, until we’ll leave things to Manaka and Hikari in the final moments? “Detritus” or “Debris”, the name of the next episode. This is exactly how Tsumugu feels about things and which I noted – you need to clear out the detritus before you can move on. Moving on is possible, but you need to clear the air first.

Change, or no change? That’s not really a question, for it’s obvious things will change. The discussion had always been not about change itself, but characters’ acceptance of it. Tsumugu always stood for adulthood, but now the “children” will have to face reality as well. Reality meaning that things change, and closing your eyes and shouting doesn’t make reality go away.

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One comment on “Nagi no Asukara Episode 23 Notes

  1. Crisp says:

    Chisaki’s always been a coward about her real feelings. Manaka ran when she heard Chisaki liked Hikari, she also ran when she heard Hikari’s confession to her the first time. Chisaki stayed and ignored Kaname’s confession, like Hikari did with hers. She runs and reacts to Tsumugu.

    She’s afraid of changing.

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