Nagi no Asukara Episode 22 Notes

March 6th, 2014.

Something Returned, Something Lost.

Tsumugu had been cursed by Uroko-sama, so at least we know Uroko-sama is nearby and observes what is happening. I honestly don’t know when things will occur, either with the village, or Manaka, or when things will come to an emotional boiling-point. The show gave us a breather episode last week, but it’s unclear whether everything will blow up this week, or we’ll delay it by yet another one.

Well, only one way to find out!

Some pretty shots from today’s episode.

Hikari and Manaka:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 22 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Manaka

1) Hm, she didn’t remember the moment Hikari mentioned, where she lied that she still had the fish after it disappeared. Are random memories taken, memories relating to Tsumugu, or as I suspect, memories related to her love? Did the Sea God take her love away? She may not love him, but she will also not have her old love, which made her leave him? So petty. Unless it’s those memories of love that warm his old and withered heart.

2) Hikari running away from Manaka makes perfect sense. First, he’s running away for the same reason he ran away after he woke up – the world was ever so slightly wrong, he came upon places and people he knew, but found them subtly changed. Seeing nothing being the same hurt him. And now, his home, his anchor, she had changed as well. Hikari had resolved to never change, so Manaka will not suffer through what he did, but in the end, Manaka ended up changing herself.

Furthermore, he might be afraid he will tell her how he feels again. He was turned down once, and it hurt. He also fears he will hurt her again, cause Manaka pain again, which he doesn’t wish for. He’s not Kaname.

3) The “emotion-intellect” schism. The Sea God’s consciousness wishes to protect the people of the sea and of the surface, but his emotions feel lonely, lash out in anger, and grab Manaka in order to alleviate loneliness. Also, that story, if it’s truly Manaka’s fate, then does she bear the Sea God’s child?

4) Manaka’s emotions flowed as her ena-scales, floated around carrying her will, and creating a current. Just like the Sea God’s emotions. Is she a form of a god now, as well? Hm.

Wait, so why is Manaka losing her emotions? Is it because she sent them off to try and get free? Is this like the situation of the Sea God, where the consciousness and some of the emotions and their cause-memories had been lost?

5) That cute Manaka face. Hm, this makes me wonder. Did she lose the ability to love at all, and her nice personality towards people is a mask, and residual personality, and she may yet become a bitter hag who hates everyone, or as I suspect, she lost just the ability to have romantic love?


1) Miuna has a dream, or a vision? Considering she’s been given ena, which feels like some sort of divine gift, and considering she was the one who spoke to Uroko-sama and could hear the sound of the ena-shards, I don’t think it can simply be discounted.

2) Such a fitting shot, Chisaki walking, with two boys trailing behind, carrying the package, aware of each other, wary of each other. Neither is aware she does not wish to choose either of them, but actually desires someone else altogether. In this show, there is no such thing as reciprocated feelings.

3) Cold outside, cold within. Kaname is so not joking. Chisaki didn’t like that direction, and neither did Sayu. Tsumugu? He accepts it as part of the game, part of the race, for Chisaki’s heart.

Yup, Tsumugu sees no point in lying to Kaname, he doesn’t play dirty either. He treats Kaname as a rival, as an equal, as someone who deserves as much of an answer as he does.

Short Random Notes:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 22 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Uroko-sama

  1. I wonder, does the saltflake snow make things colder? How does it interact with sunlight and affect the weather? Does it melt? Hm.
  2. Such a hard question, “What don’t you remember?” – How can she tell a memory is missing until it comes up? :<
  3. Fish Manaka looks more like a chicken :D
  4. Just throwing it out there, but Uroko-sama is cool :P

Post Episode Thoughts:

Welp, this show is all about love that cannot be reciprocated, right? So in this way, nothing is changed. Except here there is no longer any reason to even try to get Manaka to love you, and her rejection will not be as a result of loving someone else. Somehow, I think it’ll only make Hikari redouble his efforts – before he would begrudgingly accept Manaka loving someone else for her happiness, but now he must try and make her happy, but it might just be a bother to her.

Poor Manaka? I dunno, I think the way things had been done she can’t feel sorry, it’s as if you don’t know what you’re missing. Hikari definitely feels sorry for himself. Miuna? She definitely feels sorry for Manaka, and with everyone feeling pity for you, you might not like the atmosphere, and for that, poor Manaka.

Do I feel something changed this episode, that things occurred? Well, the real weird-love-shape didn’t change, but characters’ perceptions of others, and their relationships along with motivations did receive a gentle nudge. By the by, in case it’s unclear, this show isn’t truly an ensemble cast – Hikari is more or lessthe undisputed protagonist, so what happened to Manaka is essentially something that happened to him, as a character.

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