Nagi no Asukara Episode 20 Notes

February 20th, 2014.

Everyone Admits their Feelings. The Setup is Complete.

The love shape only keeps getting more convoluted. We thought at least Kaname or Tsumugu might end up with Chisaki, and while the other would remain lonely, there’d be at least one kid in this show ending up with someone who reciprocates their feelings. Nope. Chisaki had been convinced by Hikari’s messages, aimed at convincing her to choose Kaname, and at convincing himself he can still make it work with Manaka, and is now going for the Hikari route, again.

Let’s see what these crazy kids do this week.

Here is this week’s wallpaper-fitting images. Enjoy!

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Miuna’s Having a Hard Time:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 20 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Sad Miuna

1) After Kaname’s confession of wanting to let Tsumugu drown last week, does Miuna think of smothering Manaka? :P

2) Miuna seems to have taken the news of Hikari organizing the song hard, now she has less to do, and It’s yet another reminder Hikari cares for Manaka. Why not think of it as them being in sync, where she and Hikari think of the same solutions? :P Unless she wanted to wake up Manaka so Hikari will be thankful to her, which would be twisted, but also would make sense in this show.

2) Believe!:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 20 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Angry and afraid Hikari

1) Hikari seeming positive is Hikari being Hikari. Hikari is someone with energy, someone who does. Moreover, even when he’s down, he seems positive. Hikari said she hadn’t heard him cry since their mother died, I think. Or was it he about her? Hm.

2) “Yeah! Let’s play songs to her, that’d surely wake Manaka up!” – Ah, children shows with children, such positivity, such a “Let’s do something!” attitude.

3) Awww, Manaka said what she shouldn’t have, and now Hikari is angry/sad. Of course, his anger is the way his worry manifests. He’s only angry because he fears this exact same thing.

And that’s the other part, perhaps it’s what she truly wishes, and now she feels bad about herself, etc. etc.

3) Tsumugu Reveals He’s not a Vulcan:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 20 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Tsumugu and Miuna stare at the sunset

1) Tsumugu and Miuna, is he going to share truth-bombs, as he is wont to do?

2) Tsumugu is a mirror, talking to him forces the other characters to self-reflect. Tsumugu admits he has feelings! He’s not a robot! Hurray!

3) “I want to be able to be happy.” – Somewhat overblown, but truer words had never been spoken. What is happiness? Do you know what you mean by it is the same thing others do? Perhaps you feel what they do when they say they’re “happy”, but you simply don’t define it as being happy? Hm.

4) Tsumugu, spreading hope. But like all characters, he’s also saying it in order to convince himself. Also, I think he always tried to get people into a better place emotionally, a place where they admit how they feel.

4) General Thoughts:

1) Interesting, is it possible the warmth of the sea came as a result of the time Manaka spent in the sea? Perhaps even as a result of her manifestation of will, as seen from her cast-off Ena floating around the underwater realm? Perhaps for a full “healing” the Sea God demands a full sacrifice, meaning Manaka being there until all her Ena comes off, and then she’s either cast to the surface or dies? Hard to tell, we don’t really have information to go off of.

2) “Strong feelings for somebody can change things drastically.” – Isn’t this what this whole show is about? Isn’t this also why the sea froze, due to the Sea God’s feelings, and then his heart had been thawed by the sacrificial bride? Isn’t it also why the first Ofunehiki had been returned to shore? :3 But yeah, all our characters operate based on this maxim.

-And of course, she wakes up when the show ends. The ED to this show is great, both had been great.

-The preview and the episode, did you notice Tsumugu hadn’t called Manaka by her name? I think it was the same before the time-skip, actually, and it’s interesting.

Shorter Notes / Asides:

  1. With an episode name like “Sleeping Beauty”, I fully expect a kiss, you know?
  2. Two teenager boys, mouths agape like fish out of the water, seeing the girl who grew up alongside them, transformed into a woman. Of course, she’s had an extra 5 years, so for them it is that much of a transformation.
  3. “You guys really are complicated.” – Story of this show, professor. I’d even add “overly”, and no, it’s not clever when the author comments on the situation they created themselves :P
  4. “Taking notes for three people!” – Wouldn’t it be simpler to take notes once and then photocopy? I’ve seen multiple anime series do it like this. Seems weird.
  5. Miuna kinda looks like Azusa from K-On! – Miunyan!
  6. “I like tangerine juice, I guess I really am hard to understand.” – Sometimes I don’t understand any of you guys :P
  7. ED is now colourful, now that Manaka is awake. Make sure to watch it in all its glory.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Hmm, I’m not sure how I feel about this episode. I guess this episode was for Miuna’s feelings, so we ascertained how Miuna, Chisaki, Kaname, Tsumugu, and Hikari all feel. We need to understand, in order for what is about to happen to all of them to be understood by us all. Thing is, did we really need to? The characters hadn’t really changed, they are just as we knew them. Though I guess that’s why the show actually spent time on all of it – we might have went, “It doesn’t make sense, how nothing had changed,” so they needed to show us the decision to not change, and help us realize how although everyone claims they hadn’t changed, and that although the relationship map hadn’t changed, everything changed, everything.

Not a lot of plot progression happened this episode, or lately. But did a lot of things actually occur, on the emotional level? I still think the answer is no. This was more time spent to make sure we’re all on the same page, to get the characters admit to themselves how they feel, so they won’t be able to deny things as they come up now, unless we know they’re lying.

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