Nagi no Asukara Episode 2 Notes

October 10th, 2013.

Hot headed teens, a love pentagram, two civilizations heading to war, progress versus tribal culture. We’re going to have many small blow-ups which will likely lead to a big one in the background, and a big emotional one between humans and sea-dwellers. This could be a good end-of-episode spiel from the characters themselves :3

Shorter Notes/Asides:

  • I wonder if all the fish get to talk, or just this god-given one.
  • Silly girl wants to be cursed, because the boy she has a crush on said it’s cute – but you don’t know how he’ll curse you now, silly girl. How would you handle having a fish-head?
  • Plenty of good gif-able moments, when the small brat assaults Hikari, and when HanaKana cries, maybe we should call her character ManaKana.
  • Those shots of the underwater village are quite something. You can understand why Tsumugu would be mesmerized.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) “Hii-kun no baka! Baka!” That’s what we’re all thinking. Just admit it guys. So what if he finally became a big boy and began growing interested in girls, in Manaka, he’s acting like a little child, making her cry :3 This is precious, and more than a little funny. Cute silly kids in love :>

(On that note, HanaKana is “Hnnnng!” personified, and with Manaka? I might not survive till this show’s end.)

2) Ah, the face of young love. Hikari wants to be friends with Tsumugu, he does, but he wants to keep ManaKana to himself. I think that after the inevitable blowup, ManaKana will end up with Tsumugu, and he will be a friend with Hikari.

You know, this episode has a lot of still moments, but they are just so beautiful, and the pause is serving to hit us that the characters aren’t moving, that they are staring, to let us feel alongside them, that I can’t really complain. I object to still-frames when they feel forced, not when they are fitting, and so gorgeous.

3) And now the other shoe drops – it’s not just that they’re two different groups with prejudice and distrust, but that you’ll get banished. Not forbidden love, but forbidden to go all the way, to leave. Yup, quite tribal and set in its ways.

4) “I wanted to protect her, just like Ena does.” – no wonder we see her swimming naked. He wants to be as close to her as her skin. But Ena, it’s fragile, it’s brittle, you take it out of its environment and it flakes off. Maybe, maybe it is a good metaphor for you, Hikari-kun.

5) You know, all this semi-oedipal – wanting someone (who is your friend) to be gone so you’ll get your crush all to yourself, alongside with “I’m so horrible!” – it’s so cliched at this point, please stop using it, anime.

Also, “Please don’t be so kind to Manaka, Manaka has Hikari” – the kneejerk to the above, she wants her gone, and now she wants her as close as possible. The pendulum between wanting the one you love to be happy, to wanting them to be with you (and yes, not as happy). Also a bit too cliched :3

6) “If someone from your family is going to leave for the surface it’ll look real bad.” – small community, everyone shoving their noses into others’ business. No secrets, no permission to be an individual, because it threatens the unity of the group. Also, a bunch of adult men, who have nothing to do and spend their time drinking alcohol and sitting sprawled around, forcing a young girl to listen to their demands. Backwater village, indeed.

7) And the episode ends with “A Storm’s Coming” – I’d just like to point everyone back to my opening spiel, and how it could serve as the end-of-episode’s message. A-yup.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Characters are little children, a coming of age story? I think it’s going to be more a romance story, and a story of two clashing civilizations, a story of how the individual is swept away and tries to stand in the face of the waves of conformity, of society. Progress and tradition, new and old. Of such is this story woven.

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