Nagi no Asukara Episode 19 Notes

February 13th, 2014.

Chisaki’s Choice.

Well, last episode had really been big on “ominous”, from start to finish. Everything was ominous – the atmosphere in Shioshishio, Manaka’s state, the place where they found her, Uroko-sama’s words to Miuna, his expression as they left…

So Manaka is going to be back, right? Things are going to change, right? Well, everyone is so set on stopping change, and this show keeps using the same relationship patterns from episode 1 up to this stage, so I wonder. But there’ll be some drama, I guess.

This week’s wallpaper album, more people shots included this time.

Shorter Notes / Asides:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 19 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Ditzy Chisaki

  1. Nurse Chisaki looks kinda dorky, especially with the hat, as they all know her, and there’s no real incisions being made.
  2. Tsumugu’s grandfather is awake? I’m surprised. He was asleep up until now, hadn’t he? Or is he just weak? I sort of forgot :3
  3. Chisaki after she fell and the guys come upon her, a mixture of childish and adult, of funny and sexy. This is an image designed to be a wallpaper. It’s pretty colourful and neat too.
  4. Them drinking wine bit felt like we’re in some other show for a moment, filled with college age characters :)
  5. That Miuna pining after Hikari shot is also great.
  6. Chisaki diving alone, without someone to watch her back? Doesn’t feel smart, does it?

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Chisaki’s (Failed) Self-Reflection:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 19 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Young Chisaki and Manaka

1) To be honest, I don’t like how anime often pull that “When I was 5, he was nice to me, and I’ve been in love with him since.” I don’t know even one story like that in real life. I know plenty of 16 years old onward and such, but 5 onward? Even in a community that is closed and with no one else their age (which I commented on last week as being very weird). Well, that sequence was still beautiful, with the underground growth and the light, and I can’t wait for the OST – that small tune that played in the background was lovely.

2) Hm, Chisaki lacks the proper sense of self reflection, if you ask me. “How nice, she likes Hikari with her whole being but can’t make the next step,” but then she goes, “Hm, she’s not a child, she’s the same age as we used to be,” when the proper thought is “I too was but a child back then.” – It’s not that she’s not a child because she’s akin to how you used to be, but that you used to be a child as well. Then again, we tend to think highly of ourselves.

I wonder how that’ll relate to Kaname, since if she thinks of them back then as being “mini-adults”, then Kaname’s feelings should be respected as well. I wonder.

3) “You’re such an adult, Chisaki,” and then “Damn it!” with a trembling lip. He has to acknowledge that she’s an adult, and he isn’t. That he’s resenting Tsumugu not for what he does, but for unrelated things, and that Chisaki now speaks as their parents once did, and he’s been left behind – emotionally, mentally.

Kaname had always focused on how Kaname feels, he’s always been the most selfish of the bunch, and what Chisaki had done was ask him to be considerate of others. Hikari is the loudest, Manaka the quickest to cry, but in some regards, Kaname had always been the most childish one.

4) With trying to be an adult, wanting alcohol, falling asleep, Chisaki just feels like a child (secret, everyone’s a child). Tsumugu though? He looks like a good husband, he truly does look like an adult.

2) It’s All Allegorical:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 19 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

1) I get the feeling all the talk between Chisaki and Hikari is within a dream, and it’s Chisaki confronting her thoughts with herself. Does it really matter? These are all written. The point is Chisaki coming to terms with change, with who she is, and playing a counterpoint or complementing what Tsumugu said beforehand, that now she can move forward.

2) So, did the Sea God let Manaka go because she loves Tsumugu and thus couldn’t forget the surface, because she missed her school life and thus couldn’t forget the surface, or just because that’s how the story goes, and now he lets them all go after a while? Reminds one of the tale of Hades and Persephone. Except here it’s the opposite, when the woman is in the abyss, winter stays its hand for a while, as she warms the heart of the god.

3) “The Sea God might be a child, even after thousands of years, he might not have changed at all.” – And so Chisaki wonders if she changed. I think Chisaki isn’t really thinking about whether she changed or not (we all change, but it’s hard to tell day by day), but more that she has to decide between Tsumugu and Kaname, unless she decides to reject them both, and she also has the option of still aiming for Hikari, which I think is what the episode opening alluded to somewhat. Chisaki’s question isn’t whether she changed and if so how so, but what to do with her love-life.

And Bam! Hikari hits the nail right on the head, “It’s not about how old you are, but how you feel.” But then again, he knows Kaname still pines for Chisaki, so his goal is to tell her to be with the one she loves, and screw the rest of it.

And Manaka still didn’t awaken. This was very much Chisaki’s episode.

Post Episode Thoughts:

This was another sort of “breather” episode, except like last one, it hadn’t really been. The atmosphere is oppressive. Things are mounting up. Pressure is mounting up, and soon everything will explode. Everyone will say how they feel, everyone will realize they like someone who doesn’t like them, and there’s no one who’s actually on the route to happiness in this little group.

But it’s all about Manaka. Or is it? Whether she awakens or not, there are already feelings mounting up, getting dammed by damning silence.

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