Nagi no Asukara Episode 17 Notes

January 30th, 2014.

 Incompatible Desires, as Always.

Last episode had been very much about setting the conflict to come – Sayu admits she’s sad because Kaname isn’t around, we know that Tsumugu has feelings for Chisaki, and the Chisaki and Hikari situation is resolved, so what could go wrong? Kaname appears, and that we think of it as something “going wrong” is already telling – drama is in the air.

Here, 17 wallpaper material screenshots from this episode.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Kaname Hadn’t Changed:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 17 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea Adult Chisaki

1) “Hi, good morning!” – That’s always been Kaname. He’s such a cool fish. We’ll see soon how he truly feels, or would we? Often with Kaname we see more over time, by what is not said.

2) Kaname was dumbfounded when he saw Tsumugu, not because he didn’t recognize him, but because he arrived alongside Chisaki. Kaname had always been one to think, rather than just act rashly, like Hikari, so he knows he’s got no chance now. His feelings for Chisaki hadn’t changed, but she didn’t love him, and 5 additional years had passed, which she spent alongside Tsumugu. Kaname understands quickly, but does he truly accept it, will it hurt his maiden heart? How will he deal with his crush being crashed? I don’t think he’ll resort to being passive aggressive this time around, he’s a realist.

3) “But some things hadn’t changed”, and that was my theme for last week’s write-up as well – the fight between Sayu and Miuna which was easy to mistake as things changing was actually the show’s way of telling us that they’re still close friends, still kids, and that nothing changed. And then we see Kaname looking at Chisaki, and Sayu looking at a notebook from the shared past. What hadn’t changed was their feelings, but when feelings don’t change and the world does, it causes friction. Drama isn’t really about change, or resisting change, it’s about setting the pieces and then seeing them affect one another. We’ve had our pieces, and we moved a few, so let’s see how they fall now, now that some fall crookedly.

Things hadn’t changed, people are still the same people, but their positions had changed, so things can be taken differently. All the same words, all new reactions, all new realizations. Just like confessing for the first time.

4) Kaname sees, they don’t have to say they’re together, he sees how easily, how naturally they move one next to the other. Like a couple, or like family. Chisaki will have to make decisions once again. Interesting, how the decisions in this show are almost always the girls’ to make – Manaka, Chisaki, Akari. But soon Hikari and Kaname will have decisions to make as well, when Miuna and Sayu confess. And whether to give up on the girls they’ve had crushes on. Well, the Manaka situation will surely be more complicated, now that Tsumugu grew up.

5) “Have you changed, Chisaki?” – BAM, right to the face. And for Kaname, that’s being “subtle”. It’s not that he’s boorish, but that he either doesn’t speak, or gets straight to the point. Like an arrow to the knee.

2) Young Love is Ridiculous:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 17 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea Adult Sayu

1) “There’s no way I’d change.” – Kaname is reprising Chisaki’s role. She resisted change and thus wouldn’t admit her feelings, he’s resisting change and thus will not stop admitting his feelings. Of course he’s being overly melodramatic, he’s the same age as Sayu who had in her own words “resigned herself to being single forever” because her love from when she’d been 9 years old was gone. Change comes to us all.

Just think of people who have the “love of their life”, and even spend a few years with them, and then they break up, and then they have another person they love more than they’ve loved anyone before, and so it repeats. Then again, this is a romantic show, perhaps such truths are forbidden? But it’s a drama, so maybe it’s expected, that we’d think of such truths.

2) Interesting, for the sake of keeping things as they were, the old circle had rejected love. But for Miuna and Sayu, love is necessary, even as they proclaim their feelings hadn’t changed. Always, one side is incompatible. The incompatability goes even deeper here – it’s not just who you want, but the whole mode of thought – accepting change, even inviting it, versus rejecting it outright.

3) “It’s not possible to feel the same way for someone from when you’re a kid, that’s like a manga or drama!” Nope, nothing to add ;-)

4) So, we all thought “The two sick ones” from the episode title would be Kaname and Hikari, eh? Guess it’s Miuna and Sayu, who are drunk on themselves, or in other words, are in love with their self-pity, who are romanticizing their wishful longing for people they could never reach. They longed for them when they’d been 5 years older, then longed for them as they were gone, perhaps never to return. Manaka said Tsumugu is the sun, but that was as nothing to Miuna and Sayu’s idol worship of Kaname and Hikari.

3) Misc.:

1) Oh my, when Sayu saw Kaname for the first time, it was the music that led to the ED in the first half of the show, the tune that always got us emotional.

2) How… symbolic. Chisaki is said she can join if she wants to, but doesn’t. She had truly given up her old life for her new. If only Kaname could interpret that. I mean, they all spoke of how Manaka might give up the sea for the shore, but in the end Manaka couldn’t leave the sea, while Chisaki chose not to return.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 17 Notes anime NagiAsu Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea Kaname and Hikari

This episode was sort of interesting. I expected the other shoe to drop, but it hadn’t. Guess we’re still collecting sleepers, still establishing the new world, still establishing how comfortable things are right now, before we begin tearing it all down, before we get everyone to cry. And how could we do it without Manaka around? Manaka is the guardian of tears, the true catalyst for change, and so she had always been.

Kaname is a pretty cool character. He’s somewhat of a bastard, but not really. He’s just a kid looking out for his own feelings, and he tries not to cause any extra harm – he’s just trying to do as best as he can, and it’s not easy. Change is everything, and change is nothing. Change is all about what we wish it to be, if we choose to focus on it or ignore it.

But even should we ignore time, it does not pass us by.

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