Nagi no Asukara Episode 14 Notes

January 9th, 2014.

Reaching in Vain and Endless Wallpapers:

Ok, here’s the deal, Thursday is absolutely bonkers for me anime-wise, so going to try and move more to post episode notes. And yeah, this episode had so many great shots… this episode is giving 5 wallpapers per second a run for its money.

IMGUR album – use wisely – 19 shots, most are wallpaper-fitting.


Nagi no Asukara / NagiAsu anime episode 14

  1. “Everyone is so lame, school is a place for studying.” – Silly Sayu, the generation you idolized so much was exactly the same, or perhaps that is why you resent school romance.
  2. Only a 5 year time-skip, could’ve been more, but we need people to still cling to the past, eh?
  3. “Hikari and the others are still somewhere I can’t go, smiling.” – In the end, that is chasing after adults, or chasing in general, and wanting to be with others, to be different. Just as the metaphor had been that of reaching for Tsumugu, the sun, so is Miuna’s image one of reaching for the unreachable.
  4. 14 sea villages in Japan, finally a picture of the broader world, even as we remain anchored to this one place.
  5. Interesting, Tsumugu doesn’t say he doesn’t like Chisaki, just that Chisaki has someone whom she likes.
  6. Along with the above line, “There’s no point seeing the Tomoebi without the others” – Chisaki clings to the past, but her arc had always been about resisting change.
  7. “My precious family.” – Of course Tsumugu doesn’t know how to handle it, he who turned his back on his mother, whom he considers to have turned her back on her father…
  8. The Tomoebi is as striking as ever, and Hikari here looks like someone stranded on the moon.

OP – Truly beautiful, music is relaxing but forgettable, but the art is outstandingly striking.

ED – Forgettable, but still looks good, even if minimal. No, not even close to how great the first ED had been.

Ok, more organized post episode thoughts:

Nagi no Asukara / NagiAsu anime episode 14

  1. Interesting, Chisaki’s arc is still “Refusing to let go”, resisting change, of wanting to keep what she has, and never letting it go. But now that she has “nothing” and clings to memories, it only hurts her even more, because she’s not even clinging to something she has within reach.
  2. And that moves us to Miuna, who is standing in for Hikari who reached for Manaka, who reached for Tsumugu. We reach for someone who is so close to us, but because we can’t speak up, they might be an infinity away.
  3. Only 5 years, but we have the big Studio Ghibli message, that humanity and nature must co-exist, that everything is related – we can’t let the oceans go away, for what happens to the oceans, happens to us.
  4. “Akira”, continuing with Akari and Hikari. Miuna was a good kid. You could see how Hikari’s newfound family was hurting, after just forming, with a wedding ceremony like that, can’t really blame them, can you? Everyone’s hurting.

And yes, that’s the true message of this show, as a whole, just like most such romantic dramas – “Everyone is hurting”, everyone has their own issues.

This episode had been slower, more melancholic, about coming to grips, and yeah, I felt moistness in my eyes a number of times.

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