Nagi no Asukara Episode 13 Notes

December 26th, 2013.

Everybody Has Someone They Care For:

A bunch of reveals, all in the end circling around Manaka, and the episode ending with the perfect condition for her to confess to Tsumugu, though we don’t know who Tsumugu wishes to confess to.

Thoughts and Notes:

  1. “Why are you crying?” – “Because you are the sun, Tsumugu-kun.” Smooooth, Manaka :P

    “Even though it’s the night?” – I don’t think Tsumugu doesn’t understand, but chooses to act as such.

  2. Hnnglittle Manaka too cute!
  3. Episode name – “Unreachable fingertips,” in case someone didn’t understand Manaka crying – the sun is out of reach, and so is Tsumugu to Manaka.
  4. As Hikari had said, others have feelings, and people they care for, but that doesn’t apply just to the children, or even just to our cast, but also to Chisaki’s parents, to Manaka’s parents, to everyone. Everyone has their own problems and feelings.
  5. Eh, still not digging how the boys confess to the girls again, feels like more burdening, and on the other hand I don’t like how we’re going as if nothing happened, even after everyone ran away and after one another last night.
  6. “Because this started of something you said, make sure you see it to the end, don’t run away no matter what happens.” – basically, a man must be true to his word :P On a more serious note, sounds quite ominous, as if father knows something is about to happen.
  7. Yeah, the soundtrack of this show is good. The tribal chanting was great, and reminded me once more of The Whale Rider.
  8. Honestly, the sea lighting up and everything, feels like an end of show moment. We ARE ending the first half of the show, and things are indeed changing, but makes you really wonder what’s about to happen.

Post Episode Notes:

Hm, this wasn’t entirely unforeseen, but it’s definitely interesting. Next episode’s preview as well, it’s so fairy-tale-esque, with the village being covered with an impregnable sheet, like an underwater spider cobwebs.

They called to the Sea God, and they had told him no one wants to be separated, no one wants to be alone, but that is what everyone wishes, and death and time wait for no man. Moreover, if we recall the old tale, then there’s a reason the Sea God wished for a woman’s sacrifice (even as it had appeared in many cultures) – the Sea God can be lonely as well. He wished for company as well.

I really wonder where they’ll take it from here, with Manaka (and Kaname?) gone. Well, so long we remove one girl and one boy, we can still keep our love-shape going! Heh.

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3 comments on “Nagi no Asukara Episode 13 Notes

  1. I’ve been saying for weeks that a time skip is coming, and now I am all but convinced. The final clue was the preview for next week’s episode. Is it me, or did that voice belong to an older Miuna? The images of her still young could be from some montage showing the passage of time.

    • Guy says:

      We’ll see. I think if we have a time-skip, it’ll be at the end of next episode, or the one after. First we need to see “Those left behind,” but knowing Hikari, we might stay with him some more, seeing how things go.

      Might be less “time-skip” and more “multiple time-skips” ala Shin Sekai Yori, where we see him toiling over the years, trying, remembering.

      • SSY has constantly been on my mind while watching NagiAsu. I think it just started because the school uniforms reminded me a bit of it, but there’s more to it – the group coming of age story, slowly being exposed to the unpleasantness of the world around them, which they were more shielded from as young kids… That kind of stuff. Depending on what happens next week this could be an epic watershed anime moment.

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