Nagi no Asukara Episode 12 Notes

December 19th, 2013.

Confessing is a Selfish Thing to Do:

Well, this episode could go in all sort of directions, it could just be very sweet as we have our Ofunehiki ritual, a wedding, and all on beautiful backdrops, or we could have things go very awry with the Sea God, or the people of the village, etc. Note, if you’ve studied logical operators, you know “or” can mean “both” :)

Shorter Asides:

  • Well, the series really knows how to make these processions in the darkness look ominous, and scary to the children.
  • Yup, not only does Manaka’s mother look like the lady from the thrift-store, they also have the same voice actress, pretty sure it’s Oohara Sayaka, in her Milly Ashford tone, rather than the Erza Scarlet one.
  • Child-Manaka is even cuter than adult Manaka, I might die of cute!

Thoughts and Notes:

Act 1: Children and Adults:

Nagi no Asukara / NagiAsu anime episode 12

  1. This is actually a good representation of little children, who could be heard going “My father is smarter than your father!” “Oh yeah? Mine is taller AND shorter than your dad!” :P
  2. Those children are definitely suffering from a premature case of Chuunibyou, assaulting Miuna’s would-be foster grandfather, a priest, LOL. Eat dirt, land-dwellers!
  3. Well, Tsumugu is always sort of too-wise and distant, guess with his parents as well. Can’t tell what came first, separation from his parents, or his aloof and too-direct nature.
  4. Yeah, this show really knows how to use its soundtrack, and how to make the domestic moments count. It had spent a really long time with the characters so we’d grow to know them as people, and now it cashes in. You could never imagine from this screenshot that this is the first time the father makes food for his children after his wife died. Great scene.Awww, even the restaurateur (restaurant-operator. Yes, it’s a real word) wipes a tear, and the show doesn’t shove it in our face.

Act 2: Emotional Honesty Can Be Dishonest:

Nagi no Asukara / NagiAsu anime episode 12

  1. “I might have thought it’s only me who’s suffering.” – Well, not only is it very human to assume you’re the only real human, the only one who suffers, it’s also easier, when you don’t have to consider how others feel, and consider how hard it is for them, but as Koto from Kyousougiga reminds us – everyone has a their own problems.
  2. Such romantic nonsense :P I mean, “We might not see each other again, so we should confess how we truly feel right now!” – But why? If you might not see each other again, and your feelings toward one another aren’t actionable, so it’s all about making themselves feel good, about relieving themselves, as if it’s ok to light their own burden at the cost of burdening someone else. Kaname is being very selfish here in general, willing to inflict harm upon others because he’s emotionally hurt, so may as well have Hikari confess the feelings he has for Manaka so Chisaki will get hurt and run to him, right? It’s very “romantic”, to confess your feelings because you might not meet, but another choice word for it here would be “selfish”. And no, not just due to Kaname’s rationale, it’s always selfish.
  3. “I realized I’m in love with the Hikari who’s in love with Manaka, so it was enough for me to say that. I’m satisfied.” – On one hand, Chisaki’s being a martyr, on the other hand like I said just above, the whole point is unburdening yourself, even if you burden someone else, so by telling him, she made Hikari carry her weight, he’s her red-bellied slug. She’s somewhere on the selfish and dishonest spectrum, right now, but it’s the best she can do/hope to achieve right now.
  4. In case you missed the very obvious symbolic hammer here – Manaka asks where she should go, and then Tsumugu reels her in his net, again. Talk about subtle ;-)

Post Episode Notes:

Well, last episode drove the plot forward, and the plot moved the kids to have their emotional turmoil this episode, where they blab to everyone else how they really feel, and they convince themselves everything’s resolved since they got to say it out loud – but it’s never really that easy.

Solid episode, but let’s see where they actually go with these things. Yes, the kids are suffering, and the kids are in love, but that only matters in terms of where their emotions drive them.

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