Nagi no Asukara Episode 11 Notes

December 13th, 2013.

The Characters Choose to Act

Well, the kids have a plan, as their world is coming down around them. Winter is coming, and the love pentagram only grows more conflicted, though it’d be interesting if anyone ever had two arrows going in their direction, or out of them. Oh well.

Thoughts and Notes:

Nagi no Asukara / NagiAsu anime episode 11

Such expressive backs

  1. “Oh my, how polite!” – Yup, he is polite, and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to pressure Chisaki further, he told her how he feels, and that’s it. Also, I really like this tune that’s playing now.
  2. “Thinking back… weird that day.” – This is the first time I notice we have someone reflecting back on the present. Hm. Are we going to have a memoir, or time skip?
  3. People’s turned backs can scream much louder than words. The gulf is immense. Such an expressive image.
  4. “The only thing we can be assured of is the time we have together right now.” – In the end, this whole situation is only there to give us a coming of age story, so it’s not surprising to see the lines we expect to see come at us – time will pass, and not only will they perhaps be unable to spend time together, it won’t be the same them as well, a very important point by Kaname, which goes along with Chisaki’s theme, which is the show’s theme – that of change.
  5. And here we have a beautiful shot, and again a reflection on the theme. The children are conflicted. Manaka keeps telling us how she doesn’t want things to change, how she wants them all to stay together, but as the other characters keep pointing out, not only is change inevitable, but Manaka often seems to lead the charge when it comes to change.
  6. Awww. Though it was obvious to me from the moment we saw them chewing gum what it’s been all about, it’s still a touching moment.
  7. “But if you can, please accept their please; the surface is a very important place to me.” – In the end, all these global events, all these society-shattering and mending decisions, as I’ve said before – it’s all personal. All stems from what people do for their personal reasons.
  8. Uroko-sama said the Ofunehiki is meaningless. He meant it’s useless in the metaphysical sense, but as all rituals, it has a social use. Even as a bellwether, it had shown the growing gulf between the people of the surface and of the sea.


  • I also find it interesting that the young men’s association on the surface is made of young folk, while in the sea it’s filled with old men who sit around and drink.
  • So, after being broken three times, the Ojoshi-sama is simply being replaced. What a cruel fate for this wooden doll.

Post Episode Notes:

Nagi no Asukara / NagiAsu anime episode 11

This was mostly an episode where things happened. Unlike the “nothing happens” slice-of-life episodes, or the “The plot is moooooving, someone make it stop!” episodes which focus on characters’ inner feelings, here we see the characters in the world, and we get to understand their inner working due to all the things that occurred in past episodes, where we also got to hear their thoughts.

Change is coming, and Chisaki actually reminds us, time and time again, that the biggest theme of this show, and indeed of all bildungsroman stories (coming of age), is about change. It’s inevitable, it is scary, it is necessary, which is why resisting change is such an anime-villain thing to do. But it’s also very human.

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