Nagi no Asukara Episode 1 Notes

October 6th, 2013.

I expect it to be beautiful, and slice of lifey, and magical. Let us see what we have here :3

Thoughts and Notes:

(Note – Going to watch the episode and then type my thoughts, I’m under a bit of a crunch here, including within, so I’m gonna watch non-stop.)

Hanazawa Kana is everywhere this season, not that I complain, but wow.

She looks at someone who’s running fluidly – “He looks like someone who’s swimming on land.” A different world of metaphors.

We have a sort of indigenous tribe next to a more advanced society, and with the “Men’s Club” meeting I will definitely call this a “tribe”. We have them trying to maintain their culture, with their tribal singing, with their ritual offerings. You know what this reminds me of, especially with Hikari’s father being the priest? Whale Rider. That movie was full of feels, the water, and many other similarities. Good film, maybe you guys should watch it.

We already have several love triangles, which as often are more of a square. We have a couple, someone who wants one of those, and someone who wants them. The characters strike me as middle-schoolers. Hikari really does seem to have issues with expressing the way he feels, but isn’t it often that way, and doubly so in anime? The characters are all voiced very well, by what we see thus far.

I really got my magical. This show is just beautiful, ridiculously so. Furthermore, the whole local deity thing is done wondrously well – he is capricious and rude, prone to mischief and vindictiveness, but he’s also integrated into their daily lives, he’s their cooking gas dispenser. So much for a far-off and aloof deity.

The relationships between the characters, everyone’s acting as if Hikari has to protect Manaka, as if he has to lead her. To me it feels he’s afraid, and she’s afraid, and he’s masking his fear by “leading” her, often against her will. I think it’s sort of obvious, but that doesn’t make it feel fake. It does feel a tad forced for the sake of us watchers, but then again, we also don’t have hours to spend with the characters every day, and the editing (had this been a documentary) removes the non-relevant parts, to reinforce these things.

Thus far it’s really neat, and it’s indeed magical. I gotta wonder how much the segregation is going to play a part, or rather, how easily the walls will come down. I hope we won’t have a big clash and then suddenly everyone is all cozy together. I suspect things will come to a head between the adults over the ritual boat-ride, and that’ll also cause tensions between the children, but somehow the children will sort everything out. I really hope we’ll get some surprises on that front.

Also, that HanaKana :3

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