Myriad Colors Phantom World Episode 1 Notes

January 6th, 2016.



Musaigen no Phantom World / Myriad Colors Phantom World anime Episode 1 Notes - Kawakami Mai's boobs in limbo-boobies

Voice acting is overall solid, but no stand-outs except Shimono Hiro as the lead. He’s a genius at comedic delivery, and can make any line funny. He wasn’t given a lot of opportunities to shine this time around, but his moment as he got electrocuted by Phantom Limbo was great.

Visually, the show is quite flashy. Very vivid use of colours. I’d go as far as to say that the colours are perhaps even over-saturated. Except for their uniforms, which are in contrast, quite bland. I liked the digitized effect when Ichijou woke up, as objects resolved themselves into their actual form. The “red scenes”, such as with the crows, or when Reina opened her mouth to swallow things were really good.

Animation was crisp, but not all that impactful. Music was… uneven? When Reina and Ichijou met in school the day after their first encounter, the elevator-style VN music grated on me, but the Phantom Limbo drums? That was good.

OP – Very upbeat. Very. Straight out of rhythm games’ harder difficulties. Very colourful. Bunch of girls, 1 boy, already some censoring going on here. Definitely fan-service style of show.

ED – colourful, energetic. Aside from randomly swaying girls in the end, I liked it.

Themes / Plot:

Musaigen no Phantom World / Myriad Colors Phantom World anime Episode 1 Notes - The show has its own hecklers

Ok, you guys (it’s mostly guys here, isn’t it?) remember back when KyoAni announced Free! and plenty of dudes were mad over KyoAni making a show not aimed at them? IT’S YOUR FAULT! YOU DID THIS!

Now, I’m mostly joking, and while I knew there’d be fan-service, I was actually surprised by how much the show draws attention to it not only by framing and shot composition, but by its own characters. This is a fanservice show. But fanservice doesn’t have to be dumb, and the whole “You’re bouncing your boobs so you’d pass the limbo as they’re at their lowest trajectory!” was probably the dumbest moment in anime I’ve watched this past year (have a webm). I tend to drop dumb shows early, or avoid them entirely, yeah…

I also didn’t care for “Oh no, this is going to be so clichéd!” moment, because the only things worse than clichés are commenting on them and still going forward with them. Then they averted it, so half-marks for that, only to still have her land on his face with her butt and GAH! NO! STOP IT! :P

I wasn’t a fan of the cutest girl (red hair) being introduced as the show ended. Reina was a bit flat. Err, I mean personality wise, and Mai isn’t much more. It’s very much a KyoAni show in that the girls are not only front and center as objects to be ogled, but as active and powerful characters. And while Shimono Hiro is a comedic genius, the tedium of his “shtick” of “irrelevant and silly tangents” grated on me, and was made even worse by them referencing it. Saekano is a good example of me discussing why I don’t like it.

They did some work with Reina’s character, and how she cared for the dispatched utility-poles, and the exposition was so heavy-handed it was almost as if they hired Mahouka’s writers, but I’m gonna give it one more episode, to actually see the characters interacting, and see what the show wants to do with its characters. Other than ogle them. And other than stare at their panties.

Man, I hope there’s more to it than that.

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