Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 7 Notes

May 17h, 2014.

Shiba Tatsuya is no Protagonist

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime episode 7 notes / The Irregular at Magic High School anime episode 7 notes - Shiba Tatsuya enjoys his days with Miyuki

Hm, this was a pretty standard shounen-popcorn show, solid.

What was interesting to me was the “role-reversal”. Tatsuya had seen the enemies lurking, and still went there. Tatsuya as part of two people telling the armed and numerically superior opponents to surrender. This sort of attitude is very fitting for a villain.

Also, much of the part of being a shounen protagonist is growing stronger. Kirihara and Mibu, with their quest of becoming stronger, with being fueled by emotions, are very much shounen-protagonists. Tatsuya who is already very powerful, and who doesn’t display emotions? He’s fit to be either the “veteran” everyone looks up to, or the villain that you try to surpass, or have to begrudgingly respect for their capabilities.

It’s interesting to cast a protagonist like that, though yeah, it means a lot of what happens afterward can’t be “character-growth”, but rather is “filling in the plot”. Tatsuya is supposedly already “fully-formed”. He has his powers, and he has his ideals. Now we slowly get hints to his situation, and how he came to be as he is now. That’s not character-growth, it’s filling in the blanks.

It’s also interesting, and I think that’s something that annoys many people – when you respect your elders or your rival, it’s done rarely. But with Tatsuya being the protagonist, we see people fawning over him non-stop.

Some asides:

  1. Kirihara storming the castle scene is anime-original, up to him reuniting with Tatsuya. But seeing as he’s a proper shounen protagonist, it makes sense to give him some more time.
  2. The Crimson King scene is anime-original. I do wonder though, we’ve seen in the first or second episode how Miyuki cleaned Tatsuya and his clothes using magic after his training with the ninja-monks, so why didn’t Masaki do the same?
  3. Look at this shot. It’s not random. It comes after Mibu saying “she can’t keep up with Tatsuya’s pace”, so we see Miyuki and Tatsuya walking in-step.
  4. Sorry, but this “romance confession” atmosphere :P This show keeps saying how it’s not about incest, while winking and nudging pretty darn hard, shipping the two siblings together.

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