Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 3 Notes

April 19th, 2014.

“I May be Emotionless, but I Will Defend My Sister’s Honour!”

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime episode 3 notes / The Irregular at Magic High School anime episode 3 notes - Shiba Miyuki's breasts

1) I’ve always wanted to see how they draw the Moral Committee room, they still do not show us the way between it and the Student Council, guess it just didn’t make sense so they gave them a proper door :P

2) Miyuki will not forgive Hattori, per se, because he never asked Tatsuya (Onii-sama!) for forgiveness, only from little and unimportant she, for accusing her of not accepting things as they are. Hattori is a proud one, but just as he said last episode, a magician should be able to tell how reality really is. Hattori is adaptable, and isn’t a sore loser saying how he didn’t really lose. He accepted Tatsuya’s power, because he accepts reality.

3) Man, that light novel music after Mari informed her two subordinates of Tatsuya defeating Hattori. So distracting. The point she’s also making, or perhaps Tatsuya narrated it, is that the two senpais were dismissive of Tatsuya because as a Course-2 student, just like him, they feared he wouldn’t be able to stand up to law-breakers, should the need arise. They didn’t look down on him as a Course-2 student, they were worried for how well the job would get carried out.

4) That VN music as Miyuki disrobed, LOL. I can already see people getting excited over stitches of undressed Miyuki from this episode. In case you wonder, the author likes to describe what the females look like in as much detail as possible, so future artists won’t have to work too hard imagining things ;-)

This is a show where I can’t fault the animation for having a lot of fan-service, which the original material didn’t have (such as Sword Art Online). Here the books are dripping with fanservice and sexual overtones, especially when Miyuki is concerned. The soft vocals playing as Miyuki is trying to “seduce” Tatsuya was pushing this over the top, it’s somewhere between an OVA or a farce. Could easily imagine it as a character’s dream, except.. it’s not.

I mean, undressing to help calibration of the CAD is something that is in the books. That’s the in-world explanation. But on the level of the authors and readers? Come on, we all know what it is, an excuse.

5) The music when Tatsuya fought the Kenjutsu club members was pretty good. I’m a bit sad they just stopped it there. Then again, that’s life, and need to keep people excited for next week. I did like the music, again. It was slightly overly invasive, as most music is in this show thus far, but it at least set the right atmosphere.

On that note, all the “VN-esque” music is slightly ill-fitting and makes me unable to take things seriously, but considering we can all see the “harem” forming, and especially how Miyuki is acting, I guess it sort of fits as well, even if I dislike such music in principle.

6) I don’t like Kirihara’s voice and how deep it is completely surprised me, but that doesn’t matter. I like the voice acting on Mibu Sayaka’s part, capable of delivering emotionally resonant lines, and that actually matters, so it’s a net-win in my book.

A better episode than last? Well, that one barely covered any pages, and this episode things happened. So yes.

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